Geek Salad

Warwick Rendell is the cartoonist who creates Geek Salad. Geek Salad is a serial strip that follows the lives of the employees of a small Australian internet company. Dave, the owner, is a laid-back sort of guy, which probably explains why he puts up with some of the antics of his staff. Having his business in his home, he has his employees living with him, in a roommate/employee situation, which probably explains the laid-back attitude. He does end up overseeing what the others do, and acts almost parental with them, mainly because it still is a business, despite the group being close friends with one another. Adam, the resident web designer, enjoys making witty and sarcastic comments as he observes the others in the house. He is always looking for ways to get out of his work and to play various video games. Fortunately for him, Dave's style of running allows him to get away with a lot. Cam, the graphic artist, is the sort of person who completely freezes up when around an attractive woman, especially one who is into computers. He spends an inordinate amount of time playing Warcraft III and drinking a vast amount of vanilla coke , ever since Adam introduced him to both products. He has a sort of addictive personality, where he gets so into whatever he is doing, that he'll be lost for days on end. Finally, the recent member of the team is the network administrator, Cassie. Cassie enjoys her job, and even codes and sets up servers for fun. She doesn't mind getting wrapped up in some of the strangeness that Adam or Cam gets into, but usually prefers to be the voice of reason, even when Dave gives up and joins in.

I Drew This

David Simpson is the cartoonist who creates I Drew This. I Drew This is a comic in the gag-a-day format (having no overall storyline, but maintains the cast of characters) that follows the life and observations of the artist. David expresses his opinions on the current political situation in the United States, and comments on his observations of people who back the current conservative party. He points out flaws in their arguments, and inconsistencies of their beliefs, together with Joe, the Liberal Eagle. He’ll take direct quotes and statements from speeches, interviews, and statements made to the media, and point out the absurdities of the statements.


Mike Woodson is the cartoonist who creates Irritability. Irritability is a serial/gag-a-day-strip that follows the life of a college student named Chappy Chappy. Chappy is just like any other college student, if college students had super strength and speed paired with a homicidal instinct that takes the place of most of his reasoning. Aside from random acts of violence, Chappy will also end up stealing things with the help of his super-genius friend, Exoth. Exoth became Chappy's friend to benefit from Chappy's stealing streaks and to not become one of his many victims. They often come into conflict with a female college student named Beireia. She claims to be the normal one of the three, since she does reason things out from time to time instead of using violence. Irritability features a wide variety of topics ranging from blowing up the world on a whim, to genetically creating new creatures, to even just telling bad jokes.


David Hopkins is the cartoonist who creates Jack. Jack is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life (or rather, existence) of an embodiment of the sin of Wrath, a green rabbit named Jack. Jack's job as the Sin of Wrath is to herd souls of those who died, to their final destination. Jack's punishment in hell is that he doesn't remember any moment's of his life on Earth, and finds himself questioning God's plan, and his role in it. He empathizes with those souls who are basically good, but fall prey to weakness, and end up being dammed for it. This is an uncharacteristic trait for a sin to have, and he is far different from his fellow sins, as he actually dislikes his job, but follows the rules (or rather, doesn't abuse them to cause more suffering). Jack finds himself slowly regaining memories the more he interacts with the angel Farrago. These same memories he finds is a curse to him, yet he drives on taking little bits of memories back here and there, and mulling over them in his vast expanse of time working. Farrago is an angel who had her wings removed from a previous battle in hell, but finds that she cannot help but be curious about the sin that displays compassion over his charges, and even takes interest in their well-being. Even so, by just talking to Jack, Farrago could end up in trouble, because fraternizing with the enemy tends to ruffle the feathers of some of the higher-ups.

Joe Loves Crappy Movies

Joseph Dunn is the cartoonist who creates Joe Loves Crappy Movies. Joe Loves Crappy Movies is a comic in the gag-a-day format (having no overall storyline, but maintains the cast of characters) that follows the fictionalized movie experiences of Joseph Dunn and is usually joined with his wife Yeo, and his best friends Irv and Phil. Joseph (or Joe as he is typically called) is a connoisseur of movies. He doesn’t pick and choose what movies he wants to watch, based on how good the movie is. He simply loves to go to the movies and tries to find things that he likes in every movie he sees. He knows that a good amount of the movies that are produced are by and large considered “garbage” by the normal viewing public, but that doesn’t stop Joe from going out and reviewing them. With an impressive knowledge of movie trivia, he typically delves beyond the casual viewers glance at a movie, and talks about what really makes it tick. In Joe Loves Crappy Movies, Joseph doesn’t just poke fun at popular and unpopular movies, he also writes a lengthy review of the movie, rates it, and discusses the potentials that a DVD version might have.


Tracy Butler is the cartoonist who creates Lackadaisy. Lackadaisy is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities) serial strip that is set in the prohibition era (late 1920’s) in Saint Louis, Louisiana, and follows the lives of the staff of the Lackadaisy speakeasy. Founded by Atlas May using a restaurant as a cover, the real lucrative business was the sale of alcohol and entertainment in the Lackadaisy Speakeasy in the caves beneath the city. After making large amounts of money, Atlas was murdered, leaving speculation that it either was business rivals who disliked the success of Lackadaisy or his widow Mitzi May a former Jazz singer and now the sole owner of the Lackadaisy Speakeasy. Unfortunately, with the passing of Atlas, his network of contacts and distributors went with him. Mitzi struggles with keeping the speakeasy open and has to rely on her employees and her own contacts to help keep the speakeasy afloat. Rocky Rickaby, the violinist for the jazz orchestra at Lackadaisy wholeheartedly stepped in to fill the role of rum-runner and does his best to try and provide fresh alcohol for the speakeasy. Rocky is headstrong but quick-witted, relying on his brains and quick reflexes in order to get himself out of any trouble that his mouth might get him into. He is overly eager to try and help Mitzi in any way that he can and prove himself to be useful to her so that she might one day notice him the way he wants her to. Rocky often pulls his cousin Calvin “Freckle” McMurray into his wild schemes, and despite Calvin’s protests, he secretly enjoys letting himself go and let the adrenaline flow. Calvin has always been the target of Rocky’s plans and experiments, but is usually protected by Rocky in his own fashion. Calvin was on the fast-track to being a police officer (a fact that could have caused problems for the cousins in the long-run), however, due to his wilder impulses when he loses control, he was culled from their training program. Often, Mitzy has to get Victor Vasko, the Austrian bartender to help Rocky out if he gets in too deep. Victor prefers to only speak when he has something to day and usually finds that the quick-mouthed Rocky more trouble than he’s worth, but puts up with him for Mitzy.

Lang Lang

Jodi Tong is the cartoonist who creates Lang Lang. Lang Lang is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), weekly serial strip that follows the life of a Siamese cat named Lang Lang. For most of Lang Lang's life, she has lived in an all-girl orphanage in China, never really having parents to look out for or to love her. Finally, her new mother and father who brought her to the Americas adopted her at the age of 8. She was getting used to her new environment when she stumbled across a familiar looking girl named Zhu Zhu. It turned out that Zhu Zhu was adopted from China as well and is Lang Lang's twin sister. After digging into the orphanage records online, they learn that they have another sister named Mei Mei, which makes them triplets. When they try to contact her, they find out that Mei Mei is living in the same town that they are in. After meeting Mei Mei and getting to know her, they all find out from a phone call that Mei Mei's adoptive parents died in a car crash. Fortunately Lang Lang's new parents adopt Mei Mei as well. Now, all the girls have to worry about is their normal pre-teen problems, and the occasional mix up by others of who is who.

Lost & Found

Matt Milligan is the cartoonist that creates Lost & Found. Lost & Found is a serial strip that follows the lives of a private investigator named Frank Chase and his partner Max. Lost & Found incorporates anthropomorphism (animals that are attributed human-like qualities) in the comic with the mix of talking animals and humans. Frank and Max have to take on a variety of cases from: The Trouble With Furbles, to The Case of Mrs. Pheel's Cookies, to even Death at the Drawing Board. Lost & Found is primarily focused on the world of a private eye, but also follows topics from relationships, to current events.

Lowest Common Denominator

Bryan M. Richter is the cartoonist that creates Lowest Common Denominator. Lowest Common Denominator is a serial strip that follows the life of a reporter named Raven Svoboda. Raven works as an on-the-spot reporter for WLCD-66, a television news station. Raven works with her friends: associate producer, Julianne McIntyre and senior anchorwoman Teresa Sligh. The News Chicks follows many different topics other than focusing on the operations of a news station, ranging from relationships, to uncovering a real-life witch, to even people's solidarity in the face of death.


Tony Millionaire is the cartoonist who creates Maakies. Maakies is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities) strip in the gag-a-day format (having no ongoing storyline, but maintains the same characters) that follows the lives of two philosophizing layabouts, a crow named Drinky Crow and a monkey named Uncle Gabby. Drinky Crow had a traumatizing childhood from his alcoholic mother and deadbeat father who vanished shortly after he was born. Coupling that with his rocky relationship with the love of his life, a traditionalist seagull named Phoebe, it's no wonder that he turns to alcohol to find solace from his gnawing depression (a practice Phoebe detests). He either remains in a drunken stupor, philosophizing about life, or finds himself at the end of his rope, and thus ending it all (the preferred method is a pistol). Uncle Gabby shares his escapist attitude and philosophizing about life, as he prefers being drunk to sobriety. They spend a large amount of their time at sea drinking, much to the annoyance of the ship's captain. Fortunately for Uncle Gabby, he usually has the attention of the ship's daughter, so he (more often than not) at least has someone to keep him from eventually drifting to where Drinky Crow has ended up.
Macropod Madness
C. Farrington, also known as "Kevin the Lion", is the cartoonist who creates Macropod Madness. Macropod Madness is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a light-blue kangaroo named Jacky Mango. Jacky lives in an apartment with his friend, a dark blue kangaroo named Strawberri Kiwi Roodriver, also known as SK. Jacky loves to spend his time playing video games, and is quite good with playing them with his feet, and even belongs in a feet-gaming club. When not spending his time on games, he spent his time vying for the affection of a purple kangaroo named Jenna Grape. Finally, after a twist of events by SK's ex-girlfriend, a brown kangaroo named Valeigha, Jacky finally started dating Jenna, not that his problems ended there. Jenna used to date SK, but after Valeigha's spell and then his disappearance, she seemed to somewhat resign herself to dating Jacky, but only until the time when he would screw things up. She is still waiting for Jacky to flirt with other girls, something he was notorious for doing before he finally ended up with Jenna, but with Jacky's newfound resolve, he might be able to stand that test. Now only if he could get her to admit that they were in a relationship. Aside from the relationship issues, Jacky also has to deal with other problems ranging from: a magical Cheshire cat running around convinced that he is his ancestor from 1000 years ago, to wishes from a cursed wishing stone gone awry, to even sorceresses who use black magic.
Make with the Funny
Paul D. Spencer, Ryan Abrahams, Aaron Harrison-Brown & Kathleen De Vere are the cartoonists who create Make with the Funny. Make with the Funny is a serial strip that follows the lives of four friends: Rex, Chippy, Zak, and Walker. Rex is an aspiring cartoonist who seeks to share his life with someone, but mostly ends up hanging out with the guys and playing video games or laser tag. He, like Zak has an active imagination, and both of them often end up dressing up and acting out movie or video game fantasies. Chippy is the naïve member of the group, a fact that often gets him being taken advantage of. Zak tends to be the impulsive one, when he feels the urge to say or do something; he usually follows through with it, regardless of the consequences. Zak often is a bundle of energy, enjoying active events like sports as well as the video games and rpgs that his friends like so much. Walker is the most cynical of the group, and often has a snide remark for people as they get on his nerves. Walker is also the self-proclaimed intellectual of the group, often being dragged into strange events by Zak and Rex, and having to solve their problems.


Aleph is the cartoonist who creates Malakhim. Malakhim is a serial strip that follows the “life” of recently deceased teenager, named Ben. Ben, like many teenagers, was a social outcast amongst his peers, which is probably what attracted Charlie, a girl several years his senior, to him as a kindred spirit. Charlie was also an outcast, and as such, she turned to alternative means to better her lot in life through the practice of the occult. Enjoying the chance to have a real friend, Ben would go out of his way to track down materials that Charlie would need, seeking her approval in addition to her companionship. Unfortunately for Ben, this proved to be his downfall as he managed to find a book that had enough information in it to be actually dangerous. Once they performed one of the rituals inscribed in that tome, they were surprised to find that it had indeed worked, and even more surprised to see one of the random participants strangle the life out of Ben. Upon awaking, Ben was surprised to find that an angel had appeared and was going to help him on to the other side. Not realizing that he was dead, Ben shunned the idea, clinging to the life he had recently just lost, and the idea of finding Charlie. The angel, Nathan (as he was called in this current earthly incarnation), sensing some other strange and possibly sinister nature in or around Ben, had no choice but to bring him along. Ben then found himself swept up in a myriad of events almost beyond his understanding. Ben is learning more about the war between the angels and the fallen that rages to this very day and about another presence in his body, which keeps him in a semblance of life and protects him when it beneficial. Now Nathan has to figure out what strange forces are working along in the background, and what to do about the boy who he is now in charge of.


Sean Lindsay is the cartoonist who creates Marilith. Marilith is a weekly serial strip that follows the life of an assassin named Marilith Millions. After many successful years in the business, Marilith becomes disillusioned with the killer-for-hire industry. She yearns for a more stable life where she can finally settle down and lead a semi-normal life. To this end, she enlists the aid of her contact and longtime friend, Minh, to do one last job for her: to construct a false identity for her, so she can retire in Argentina. This means, however, that she will have to do one last job in order to earn enough money to successfully remain hidden and avoid extradition back to the US (among other countries where she is wanted). To this end, she kidnaps Kimiko Nakamura, the only daughter and heiress to the Hello Kitty empire. Kimiko, having been in a repressive Catholic school for girls, finds Marilith exhilarating, and willingly becomes her hostage. Like all plans, a snag appears when Kimiko loses her arm (the bus driver warned you it might happen), and Marilith has to scramble to assemble enough cash to have a new one attached, rather than blow her chances at the big ransom (and catch the full ire of a wealthy grieving father with lots of power). Unbeknownst to Marilith, Kimiko’s father hires out an assassin to eliminate his daughter’s kidnappers, rather than be bullied around. If that’s not bad enough, the sudden surge of professional killings shows up on the FBI’s radar, and they are slowly closing in on Marilith and her associates.
Natch Evil
Mike Rojas is the cartoonist who creates Natch Evil. Natch Evil is a serial strop that follows the life of a serial killer named Saffron C. Sativus. Ever since Saffron was a little girl, she was never really quite right. She has always had an element of the supernatural about her, and her lack of connection to human beings makes her completely unable to feel for her victims. Rather, she enjoys the feelings of pleasure and lust that take over her mind when she tortures and kills, and like any addict, yearns for more. Saffron has been dubbed by the media as the serial killer Jack Splatter, due the way in which she gets into her work, and the resulting mess of a crime scene. Saffron was irritated with the way that the majority of the bodies that the police found were due to a copycat killer, and thus raised the awareness level of the community as well as the police presence. Despite the increased awareness, she typically maintains a cool and collected demeanor, and is careful not to leave any evidence at her crime scenes. Often her victims are never found, but she is always sure to send a reminder or two to the lead detective on the Jack Splatter case, Nero Goodwin, to taunt him and remind him of the partner that he lost on the case. Of course, Saffron is not a heartless monster, but just lacks any real method of showing affection in a non-violent way. Her current crush, Daniel Clay, lives in the apartment below her, and she savors every moment of watching him afar, waiting for the right time to come and make him hers. Saffron also can recognize it when people demonstrate aberrant behavior, as she becomes very confused when Sherry San Muerte wants Saffron to kill her and has no fear of torture or death, as this turns Saffron's bloodlust off. Saffron is always amused by other supposed "killers", as often they are people who are sloppy, but rarely she does find those killer of a caliber that gain her attention.
Neko the Kitty
Gearóid Molloy is the cartoonist who creates Neko the Kitty. Neko the Kitty is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a normal cat named Neko (he has human qualities attached to him, yet is just a ordinary house cat). Neko has an active imagination, and often spends his long hours around the apartment acting out his fantasies. Neko savors cigarettes, and spends his time with Maisy, Sarah's cat. While Neko cannot actually communicate with his owner, Alice Cooper, he does express his opinions, desires, and affections as many cats normally do. Alice is an undeclared college student, who lives in the college dorm with her roommate, a journalism major named Ellen Brickley. Alice savors her life, and spends little time studying, unlike Ellen. She used to spend a lot of her time with her boyfriend, Jeff Riverside, but recent events have changed that. Alice spends a lot of her time hanging out with her friend Gar Molloy, an aspiring cartoonist and fellow student, and Sarah Barrett, a student and computer aficionado. Gar is based on the author, and he acts as the narrator from time to time, while enmeshing himself in the story. Recently, he and Sarah recognized feelings for one another and started dating, this fact has slowly changed his cynical viewpoint on the world, but he still dislikes people in general. With Neko's recent fatherhood with Maisy, he now lives in Alice's apartment with his son, Keno, giving him a compatriot and foil to occupy his time during those long hours when Alice or Ellen are gone during the day.


Jason Sigala and Seth Weisgarber are the cartoonists who creates Niego. Niego is a serial strip that follows the lives of three friends: John, Leland, and Libby. Several years ago, John lost his family to a electrical fire over the Christmas holidays, and he was the only one to survive by leaping out of a second story window. This traumatic event obviously still haunts him since he now lives every moment to the fullest, frankly giving his opinions about anything, not really caring about the repercussions of his actions. He received a large inheritance (probably due to life and fire insurance) and was able to buy a two-story house to live in so he could have a place to stay. Leland, seeing his friend taking things pretty hard, moved in with him, and helped him through that difficult period of his life. Leland is the type of person to do that for his friends, but when it comes to strangers, people in general piss him off, and he lets them know it. Leland is an second grade elementary school teacher despite the fact that he hates children with a passion, but he only took the job because it was the only job he could get with his English degree. Sometimes his life gets so stressful that he thinks he hallucinates talking with Val Kilmer dressed up as Doc Holiday, but may or may not be wrong in thinking that Val is just a hallucination. Libby is a waitress at the local diner, where she met John when he made an unsuccessful attempt to pick her up, but followed him home as he seemed an interesting person, and has hung out with them ever since.

Nip And Tuck

Ralph E. Hayes, Jr. is the cartoonist who creates Nip and Tuck. Nip and Tuck is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the lives of two foxes, Nip and Tuck, the Todd brothers, and their life in the backwoods of Malarkey Country. Nip is the rambunctious one of the duo, spending his time dynamite fishing, finding new ways to burn things to a crisp, and trying all sorts of crazy stunts. He's done all sorts of stunts ranging from: attempting to shoot himself out into a shallow lake with a giant slingshot, to flying through the air by a runaway barbecue grill, to even going to stuntman school. Tuck is the more relaxed one out of the duo. He spends a lot of his time working on their Jeep Daisy, keeping it in a good condition compared to the condition it was first in. Aside from his jeep, he has to spend a fair amount of time saving Nip from his stunts and fend off problems he has caused, although, lately he is spending more and more time with his childhood friend and recent sweetheart, a possum named Thelma.
The Perry Bible Fellowship
Nicholas Gurewitch is the cartoonist who creates The Perry Bible Fellowship. The Perry Bible Fellowship is a strip in the gag-a-day format (having no overall storyline, but maintains the cast of characters) and most of the comics have an implied moral message similar to Aesop’s Fables. Contrary to what you might think, The Perry Bible Fellowship isn’t really a religious strip. It uses vivid and unusual imagery to deal with such topics as violence, sex, the nature of reality, and infidelity.
Peter & Company
Jon Ponikvar is the cartoonist who creates Peter and Company. Peter and Company is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a pre-teen tabby cat named Peter. Peter is a little bit of a loner and a social outcast, which is probably why the council of guardians placed Seth the duck as his chosen guardian spirit. Peter believes that Seth is his imaginary friend, and spends a large amount of his time in Seth's company, listening to the advice that he has to give as well as being his constant playmate. Seth is assigned to Peter in order to keep him out of trouble as well as guide him through this difficult period of his life. This isn't to say that Peter doesn't have any "real" friends, however. Peter has company with Iggy the gecko, a fellow outcast such as himself, who as it turns out, also has a guardian spirit named Skin the snake. Skin has a hard time keeping up with Iggy, and does all he can to keep him out of trouble. Iggy is very impulsive, and often takes off on his own, content to be alone if need be, unlike Peter, who agonizes over the fact that he is not better accepted by the general population of his peers. Peter has a sympathetic ally with his more socially acceptable friend, Chelsea the bear. Chelsea grew up across the street from Peter with her adoptive parents, and due to her turbulent past, but unbeknownst to her, she too was granted a guardian spirit named Persephoni the bunny. These three friends try to struggle through life, not fully understanding that they have a helping hand that others don't in their imaginary friends or pets, by way of the guardian spirits.
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