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The 10K Commotion
Yukon Makoto is the cartoonist who creates The 10K Commotion. The 10K Commotion is a serial strip that follows the lives of a group of DDR™ (a video game called Dance Dance Revolution™) players called The Platinum Mark, and their adventures at trying to compete in the biggest US DDR™ competition known as, The 10K Commotion. What is the prize of the contest? How about ten thousand dollars, and to have models for the game based on the winning team to be released in a upcoming DDR10K mix. The Platinum Mark consists of five members: The team leader, Jun Ishibashi, also known as Dynamite, is the best DDR™ player on their team. He always has one of his characteristic smiles, and treats everyone well, up to a point. Once you cross a certain line with him, he doesn't mind putting you in your place, but does so with that smile on his face, just to give that last thing for remembrance's sake. Takeshi Makoto, also known as Chaser, is another great DDR™ player, but spends more time hitting on girls. He's a pretty smooth operator, as he knows various ways to get women to open up to him. Justice Keoni, also known as Candy, one of the two Trick division players. She doesn't prefer to cause trouble, but rather, tries to work her way around tense situations. Ken Park, also known as VA Ninja, is the second best DDR™ player on the team. He dislikes most social gatherings, but makes sure to watch the backs of the rest of the group. He's almost become like an older brother to the group, and likes to observe rather than participate for the most part. Finally, the youngest member of Platinum Mark, Yukon Makoto, also known as Breakdown, is the other Trick division player of the group. He spends a lot of his time talking trash with other teams, but has the skills to back up most of what he says. The most outspoken of the group, it's Breakdown's antics that Candy ends up spending the most time trying to get out of the trouble that ensues.
9th Elsewhere
Caroline Curtis and Courtney Caryl are the cartoonists who create 9th Elsewhere. 9th Elsewhere is a serial strip that follows the life of a young writer named Carmen Cinea. Carmen lost her parents at an early age, and due to this, she was inserted into the foster care system. It was in this system that deep seated trauma started to take root due to a combination of neglect and emotional abuse. Because of this, she bounced from home to home, learning to “work the system” through putting on a mask, so to speak. She learned how to act like her foster parents wanted, and to give the impression that she was happy. She feels her only outlet to her real self is through her writing, where she can be free. Unfortunately, because of the emotional abuse of put-downs, she believes her work to be sub-par and doesn’t feel that she is a very good writer at all. Fortunately (or unfortunately as this case might be) for Carmen, she has been selected by O.R.M.Y! (Organized Response Musing Yes!) to receive her very own muse to help and support her through her dreams. Carmen’s Muse, Eiji, is struggling to find himself while working in O.R.M.Y!, but his work suffers slightly because of it. Unbeknownst to Eiji, if he fails the mission to help Carmen, he will be kicked out of O.R.M.Y!, and will no longer be a working muse. Eiji just continues along trying to help Carmen out in her dreams, and despite Carmen’s initial stubbornness against it, she is finding that Eiji seems to understand her more than anyone else she has ever met. Now they are traveling through the layers of her psyche in her dreams, where Carmen can control everything (consciously or subconsciously) as Eiji helps her deal with little problems that are holding her back in writing and in life. Of course, Carmen has to be careful, for while she is unable to be harmed in this dream-state, due to the muse’s ethereal nature, Eiji is susceptible to all manner of dangers as long as he is in Carmen’s dreams!

Absurd Notions

Kevin Pease is the cartoonist of Absurd Notions. Absurd Notions is a serial comic that follows the lives of five friends and their interactions with one another, and with the hassles of the outside world. From altercations at work to relaxing with a good session of a role-playing game, Warren, Biff, Issac, Jay, and Jag typically follow a pattern of a normal lifestyle. Kevin Pease shows us that day-to-day life has something to laugh at, and uses some slapstick humor and a lot of intellectual humor to prove that point.

The Adventures Of Commodore Girl

Kia Purity is the cartoonist who creates The Adventures of Commodore Girl. The Adventures of Commodore Girl is a serial strip that follows the life of Commodore-64 girl. Commodore-64 Girl is the soul of an old computer system called the Commodore-64. She came to life when her program was finally run, and now she is getting used to the idea that the company, Commodore, went out of business. Now she wants to live a full life, but she is definitely open to taking on the two big enemies of the old Commodore company: Microsoft and Apple. Fortunately, she has the cartoonist, Kia Purity herself to help her in everything that she does. Now only if she could break away from playing with the Commodore-64 itself to help Commodore-64 Girl.
The Adventures of Vindibudd
Andrew Williams is the cartoonist who creates The Adventures of Vindibudd: Superhero In Training. The Adventures of Vindibudd: Superhero In Training is a serial strip that follows the life of a budding superhero named Vindibudd. Vindibudd is a student at the International Academy of Superhero Sciences, and is working on his eventual graduation to become a full-fledged superhero. He doesn't have any actual superpowers, but hopes that his quick wit and sarcasm will allow him to defeat his enemies. Unfortunately for him, Vindibudd still has a long way to go, as he usually solves cases through blind luck or through the help of established superheroes, but he does have a fellow student named General Safety who accompanies him on his missions. General Safety doesn't actually have any superpowers, just like Vindibudd, and often spends his time insulting Vindibudd or just hanging out, rather than fighting crime. General Safety's main concern is that everyone does everything safely, no matter what they might actually be doing, even if it is legal or not. Most new recruits to the International Academy of Superhero Sciences will have a visit by a superhero named Common Sense Girl, who watches the new recruits closely, and when a recruit goes against common sense, she steps in to point out their mistake. Vindibudd and General Safety often end up having visits from Common Sense Girl, who practically has to work overtime policing the two of them. Even as a recruit, Vindibudd has a nemesis named Not Vindibudd, who is Vindibudd's counterpart from another dimension who dislikes the fact that someone else exists who could be as good as he is. He schemes with Miss Illogical, Common Sense Girl's counterpart, in order to try and remove Vindibudd. Miss Illogical's goal is not to kill or get rid of Vindibudd, but to keep him for herself, as she has an irrational attraction to Vindibudd.

Aford The Turtle

Aaron Riddle is the cartoonist who creates Aford the Turtle. Aford the Turtle is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a turtle named Aford. Aford is the voice of reason for his friends, and ends up being the straight man for the group. Fortunately for the rest of the group (mainly Simon), Aford has a tremendous patience and is very hard to anger. Simon, a snake, has a mischievous streak running through him, as he enjoys playing pranks on Robin, or making sarcastic comments when the urge arises. Simon is the opportunistic one of the group and is always looking for a way to make a little extra cash. To this end, he ends up concocting some rather hair-brained schemes, which always seem to work better in his mind than in actuality. Finally, the last member of the group is a robin named Robin. Robin dearly wishes he could fly, but because of his size and weight, his wings cannot support his own mass. So he is either forced to migrate by plane or tough the winter out with his friends. Robin ends up being a little naïve and ends up the butt of many of Simon’s practical jokes or comments.

Alice Otter

Miguel Estrugo is the cartoonist who creates Alice Otter. Alice Otter is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a young otter named Alice. Alice is like any young girl her age, she is a master of manipulating her uncle through various means, guilt being the foremost, in order to get what she wants. That's not to say that she isn't a sweet little girl, it's more that the adults who are around her have to be careful not to keep their guard down around her, lest they get roped into buying things for her. Garland Ferriti, a ferret, is Alice's uncle, and he tries to keep her on the straight and narrow course by instilling good values, and encouraging her to continue taking school seriously. The problem being that Garland has tendencies to be hyperactive himself, so he has to restrain himself around new gadgets, lest he sets a bad example for Alice. He works as a consultant, and is well known around town, particularly to one of Alice's teachers, a Siberian husky named Sally Huskinson. Sally tends to have a short temper around people who get on her nerves (which is a long list of people), but has a multitude (comparatively) of patience for her pursuit of Garland. She has fixated on Garland, seeing him as a respected individual in the community, and a good candidate for her to marry. Being as stubborn and as sure of herself as she is, she is confident that he will be hers, but that it will only take a matter of time for him to realize that they are perfect for one another, much to the dismay of Alice.


Mohammad “Hawk” Haque and Ananth Panagariya are the cartoonists who create Applegeeks. Applegeeks is a comic in the gag-a-day format (having no overall storyline, but maintains the cast of characters) that follows the lives of a group of Maryland college students. Hawk, a computer science major, spends the vast majority of his time tinkering with various electronic devices, playing various video games, or just doodling. At times he can be a bundle of energy, bouncing off the walls as he searches for the right woman. Along the way he enjoys hanging out with his friends and making pointed comments about situations they observe, all the while fighting against PC users with his Apple™ powers. Jayce Wilder, Hawk’s roommate and foil, an undeclared major student at the college. Jayce is a PC user and usually has to tolerate Hawk’s ridicule of the superiority of Apple computers, but plots his untimely demise in secret. Jayce participates in Hawk’s little flights of fancy most of the time, if not to just end up poking fun at him. Hawk’s friend from high school and an art major, Mario “Frost” Linares, rooms just down the hall of the dorms from Jayce and Hawk. He enjoys hanging around with Jayce and Hawk, but his job in the chemistry lab tends to steal much of his time, and he usually has to come in and save them both from some bout of trouble they landed in. At times they run into Jayce’s high school friend, Alice Fox, a business major at the college. Alice is good at time management, and can manage to get her schoolwork done and manage to hang around with the guys most of the time.

Battle Forum

Exmoure is the cartoonist that creates Battle Forum. Battle Forum is a serial strip that follows the characters created by the members of the Battle Forum's Forum. Knowing that they exist inside their own comic, enjoyed the opportunities to play, cause mischief, and generally have a good time, that is, until they noticed the change in the drawing style. In order to solve this mystery, a group of forum-goers set off on a journey to try and change the drawing style back to the safe cutesy style that allowed none of the characters to actually die, instead of the sharp and noticeably dark style that pervades their world. Setting off on the quest was Jean Luc Pikachu, a Starfleet Captain/Pokemon with aggressive tendencies. He is the captain of his crew, and very much dislikes the new style as he is ashamed of his new looks, so due to that, he will allow nothing to stand in his way of setting things back to the way they were. Accompanying him is G Crusher, now an overdeveloped giant thanks to the drawing style. Despite his looks and his tendencies toward mashing things with his giant hammer, G Crusher has a tender side, as noted when he follows Antha around in order to protect her. Antha Kicklighter (Samantha), accidentally ended up on Jean Luc Pikachu's spaceship when she was evading police due to a McDonalds related incident. Confident in her abilities, she can be quick to anger if rubbed the wrong way, as she does her fighting with twin red pistols, much to G Crusher's dismay. Along with others, they seek to remove the artifact known as the henticle (hentai tentacle) from Exmoure and force the universe back to the way it should be. Unfortunately, Exmoure knows of their plans, and has devised several countermeasures to slow Jean Luc Pikachu and the others down. His hope is to delay them long enough for the changes to the world to become permanent, as well as to fully manifest his new powers from the grafted henticle.
Ramón Pérez & Rob Coughler are the cartoonists who create Butternutsquash. Butternutsquash is a serial strip that follows the lives of four friends. Ramon is an artist who has an active imagination, who can be impulsive at times, and often lets his imagination run away with him. Ramon is seeking someone to date and spend time with, but is largely unsuccessful. The other guys joke around that due to his fashion sense he is really homosexual, and thus the girls can "sense" it off of him; Ramon's usual response is to beat the crap out of them both. Rob works in an adult novelty store, and is quite happy selling sexual aids to his customers, using his charming personality to make up for his weight. Rob is very confident in his appearance and abilities and has a thing for coffeehouse baristas. His usual "technique" is to hang around and observe them, slowly integrating himself, until he is ready to make his move. Ramon and Vince usually laugh at Rob's slow progress, until it starts proving to be effective. Vince, on the other hand, is happy with his laid back attitude towards life, and drives a brewery truck in order to get free beer as a perk. Vince is very opinionated and doesn't hesitate to rib his friends when they do something he finds amusing. Vince's standards when it comes to dating are rather low, so he will guarantee finding someone to go home with, and then dump them the morning after without guilt. Evan follows his life according to what his disembodied spiritual advisor Tony Danza tells him to do. Sometimes the advice can turn out quite unusual, but Evan has learned to always trust Tony's advice, and swears by it, no matter what the other guys might say about him.

Campus Safari

Tiffany Ross is the cartoonist who creates Campus Safari. Campus Safari is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the lives of the administration of a school. Now this isn't your ordinary school, not with technological animals that can shift between different forms called frames, or with the fact that the school is located on Mars! Mars has been terraformed enough so that it can support life on the surface without the need of a space suit. A wolf named Darius is one of the main instructors of the school, and he is currently performing a balancing act between getting the school up and running and keeping his twin sisters, Kea and Tae, out of trouble.

Captain SNES

JD is the cartoonist who creates Captain SNES. Captain SNES is a serial strip that follows the life of an unemployed video game aficionado named Alex. He was meandering through life, living at his parent's house, when suddenly, due to an entity named Dr. Bekkler, he was sucked into the world of 16 bit games. Now Alex is trying to find some sense of reason, of purpose, for why he was chosen by Zelda, to be the hero of the video world. Alex is traveling in the footsteps of Captain N, and saving the video world from the plots of evil video game villains. Alex originally found himself in the world of Chrono Trigger, but after being sent off to find the Princess Marle, he finds himself dimensional hopping around to battle evil in his efforts to get home.

Chopping Block

Lee Adam Harold is the cartoonist who creates Chopping Block. Chopping Block is a gag-a-day strip that follows the life and thoughts of a serial killer named Butch. Chopping Block hops around from time to time to look at various points of Butch’s life, allowing the reader to understand that Butch was never an innocent little child, and that he just naturally was evil. Wearing his traditional hockey mask, Butch finds humor in the dark aspect of human nature. Chopping Block is for mature readers, since it's dark-humored aspect and depictions of blood and gore might offend some people.


Ben Saufley and Sean Higgins are the cartoonists who create Con*Fused. Con*Fused is in the gag-a-day format (having no ongoing storyline, but keeping the same characters for the strip) that follows the lives of three friends. The three friends are as follows: a young artist named Miguel Santiago, his best friend Akira Yoshimata, and his girlfriend Caitlin. Their friends Derek and Sam make an apperance from time to time. The comic focuses on topics ranging from college life, to gaming, to even just fooling around.


Tariq De Vore is the cartoonist who creates CrebHEADs!. CrebHEADs! is a serial strip about a class of gifted sixth-grade students. All of the students in Ms. Walker’s class are extremely bright, and because of such, has a rich blend of varying interests and unique needs. Of course, with gifted students, you have to continue to challenge them; otherwise they will end up getting bored, and finding their own ways to amuse themselves. This is why Ms. Walker’s class always has projects to do, and considers their needs at all times, but their definition of classroom projects, is far above what would be a normal sixth-grade classroom project. She has such students to consider as: Leene, an avid web page designer, who even runs her own computer maintenance business for the neighborhood; Deetzer, a young computer programmer who programs in text editors or in Dos and views those people who program in code editors to be newbies, when he is in the sixth grade!; Freda, an avid robot enthusiast, who loves to create new an exciting machines, and believes in robot rights and the idea of cybernetic implants; Paskal, Deetzer’s co-conspirator and fellow programmer, who’s addicted to using his PDA; Walter, who enjoys playing around with new gadgets, and seeks out new ways to enhance the new things his fellow classmates make, even without knowing how they work!; and Lynne, a shy introverted girl, with a massive IQ, who enjoys doing data analysis and number crunching for fun. These students are just the tip of the iceberg for Ms. Walker’s class, and with such intelligent students under her care, she worries that she can meet their expectations as a teacher. At least she passed their background inspection and received the class consensus to just be their teacher!

Dork Tower

John Kovalic is the cartoonist who creates Dork Tower. Dork Tower fluctuates between being a serial strip and a gag-a-day one (a strip that contains no real storyline, but keeps the same characters) that follows the life of Matt McLimore. Matt is in his mid-thirties, and is an avid gamer. He is the GM for his gaming group, and despite all of the bad things that they might do to him, as he can be as bad as they are at times. He enjoys everything that has to do with gaming, from video games, to movies. He tends to get the short end of the stick where society is concerned, as society at large has yet to accept gamers. His on again/off again girlfriend, Kayleigh is one of those people who has yet to accept gaming, and wishes he would drop all of the “gaming nonsense”. She is a serious minded individual, but other people can find it strange that Kayleigh and Matt are together due to their lack of similar interests. Perhaps this is because Matt is afraid of being alone, and Kayleigh feels that once she proves that gaming is mere nonsense, that she will change him into more of the man that she wants him to be. To this end, she has given gaming a chance by joining Matt's gaming group. This decision is one that aggravates Matt's friend Igor to no end. Igor is extremely excitable where gaming is concerned, throwing himself whole-heartedly into his games. This tends to get him in trouble with “normal people”, or in the gaming group, because sometimes he acts without thinking things through. As if to balance the Igor out, Ken, another of Matt's friends, is Matt's voice of reason. He usually is the patient type, and thinks things through logically. Sometimes though, he can get caught up in the gaming moment and blindly follow Igor's plans to the bitter end. Carson a muskrat, tends to be the group's middle ground, following the lead of his fellow gamers. Finally, the recent addition to the group, and one of the sources of Matt's biggest problems is Gilly, the perky goth. Gilly loves to dress as a goth and play live action games, but tends to ruin the gothic mood by being so very perky. Matt's only problem with her is that he has an immense attraction to her, while he is still with Kayleigh. If only he knew that she had feelings for him in return!


Kern is the cartoonist who creates Drowtales. Drowtales is a serial strip that follows a young Drow(dark elf) noble named Ariel. Ariel lives in the city of Menzoberenza and had spent most of her life being bullied by her sister Syphile. Finally, after five years of her sister's harsh treatments, she met her mother, Mez'Barris. After her mother declared her a failure, she was saved from becoming a priestess(a fate she wished to avoid) by her brother Kelnoz. Kelnoz took Ariel to become a mage at the magi school. After completing her training, she realized that the only way to be approved by her mother, was to become a priestess to Lloth(the Drow goddess of spiders, darkness, the Drow, and chaos). After spending some time with her sister Mel'arnach, some of her fears of the priestesshood was abated. She now is training to be a more powerful mage while deciding for sure if she wants to become a priestess, in order to be approved by her mother. Unbeknownst to Ariel, she has almost become a pawn in a game that is much larger than the one of trying to gain her mother's affecting.

Dungeon Crawl Inc.

Nathan Sheaffer is the cartoonist who creates Dungeon Crawl Inc. Dungeon Crawl Inc. is a serial strip that follows the lives of five adventurers set in the world of Forgotten Realms (a D&D campaign setting owned by Wizards of the Coast). The group’s moral compass is a dwarf named Durnkrag the Dauntless, a Paladin for the righteous forces of good, servant of Moradin, the god of the dwarves. Durnkrag yearns for a quest that will allow him to save the world or prevent a great evil from committing heinous acts in order to step out of the shadows of his father, the legendary adventurer and charmer of women, Durngrim the Daring. The group’s primary warrior is a half-orc named Khaggoth Leoncourt, a barbarian rager who exhibits an almost child-like quality. He travels with a serene calmness that is almost atypical of most barbarians, but can be easily angered if provoked in the right way. The group’s spellcaster is an elf named Arudin, a wizard with a scathing wit and a penchant for berating most people. Arudin prefers to keep his distance from people in order not to become too attached to them, and uses his biting comments to keep most of the people he encounters at bay. Arudin eagerly seeks more power for his spells and seeks out rare and interesting magic items in order to increase his spellcasting prowess. The group’s thief is a human named Castor Isengrim, a former inn worker who joined up with the group in order to try to improve his lot in life. Castor is a self-proclaimed ladies man, even though his methods of attracting the opposite sex leave much to be desired. Rounding out the party, is a human woman named Beatrice Leoncourt, a rebelling noble who follows the path of self-perfection as that of a monk (of the martial arts persuasion).Beatrice seeks to get out of her father’s influence in an effort to rebel against him and his unusual whims and appetites. The group travels together to fulfill their quest to save the world from an evil cult’s plan to overthrow the natural order of the planes and cause the very destruction of the world.

Eversummer Eve

Denise Jones is the cartoonist who creates Eversummer Eve. Eversummer Eve is a serial strip that follows the life of a college student named Griffin McBride. Griffin McBride is a fairly average, headstrong kind of guy who enjoys life by letting his curiosity lead him around. Things in life generally seem to go his way - at least until a violent encounter with his beloved brother leaves the pair split with a deep animosity and even deeper, stranger problems bordering on the occult. These problems lead straight into a complex tangle of issues involving a young, modern witch who wields a mean spear, a manipulative dragon lady who is into Big Business and Big Collections, and a mysterious fae gentleman whose comings and goings (and personal motivations) are as unpredictable as the wind. Thanks to a spell gone awry, trouble ensues as the human world and Faerie begin to clash.

Everything Jake

Mike Rosenzweig is the cartoonist who creates Everything Jake. Everything Jake is a daily serial strip that follows the life of Jake. Jake is an average college student, if you can say that about someone who has strange powers, who ended up moving away on his own for the first time in a new place. Jake has to deal with learning a new area and making new friends. Jake's roommate, Kelly, has taken it upon himself to tutor Jake in the ways of college life, it's a toss-up to see if he really is helping or if he is doing it for his own amusement. In addition to settling into a new place, Jake has to deal with more problems from relationships to fighting beings from other dimensions.
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