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8-Bit Theater

Brian Clevinger is the cartoonist who creates 8-Bit Theater. 8-Bit Theater is a serial strip that follows the lives of a group of adventurers from the world of Final Fantasy™. Black mage, an impulsive person with homicidal tendencies, is one of the two original heroes that comprise the “light warriors”. Black Mage prefers to let his magic or his dagger do the talking for him, inflicting random violence on hapless passer-bys and only remains in the group due to his desire for ultimate power and his belief that he can use the group to further his goals. Fighter is a naïve, gentle soul whose blatant cluelessness (healthy denial or stupidity, depending on who you ask) is off sided by his awesome displays of physical prowess. Fighter enjoys swords of all kinds, and is working on a secret technique that involves using sword-chucks to his best advantage. Despite repeated attempts on his life, Fighter regards Black Mage as his best friend, and follows him everywhere. Unfortunately for Black Mage, Fighter entered into a contract deal with his new friend Thief, who is now the party leader. Seeing the “light warriors” as a way to further his own needs and make a little bit of money on the side through less-than-legal means, he continues adventuring with them. Finally, the newest member to the party, Red Mage, is a guru of various role-playing statistics, and has (or perhaps believes) the ability to change his statistics or skills around. He always has a plan for action, no matter how dangerous the situation, but for the most part doesn’t take into consideration all aspects, as they usually don’t work. Now the “light warriors” are being guided (whether they know it or not) by White Mage in her quest to save the world.


Jennifer Boeke is the cartoonist who creates Catharsis. Catharsis is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a woman named Gwenivere Ivy Dahlgren and her strange collection of roommates. Gwen was originally in a relationship with a guy for whom she moved away from the big city, to a quiet suburban town. Not long after she moved, she ends up being dumped by the very same person who she moved to be with. This didn’t really leave her alone, as she always was with her stalwart companion, a Labrador-sized dragon named Rremly. Rremly was the runt of a clutch of dragons that was hatched over 400 years ago, and not long after he hatched, he was sent off to live in a castle, as it was the custom at the time. Rremly wasn’t so much used for his dragon prowess as he was more used as a playmate for the princess. Rremly grew up with the princess, and developed his loyal and carefree personality, which he maintains to this day. He continues to act silly and impulsively for the amusement of Gwen, as she is easily in touch with her inner child and can romp with Rremly whenever real life doesn’t intrude on their time together. On a whim, Rremly “adopted” a squirrel named Baxter, who continually puts up a sour front, in spite of which has come to care for his newfound friends, even if he doesn’t show it often. Of course Baxter has to be careful of random biting attacks from three sentient balls of dust named Romulus, Remus, and Bitey, or from stealthy ninja attacks from the newly acquired kitten named Aya.
Tim Buckley is the cartoonist who creates Ctrl+Alt+Del. Ctrl+Alt+Del is a serial strip that follows the lives of three (technically four) roommates: Ethan, Lucas, and Scott (with his pet penguin, Ted). Like most struggling artists, Ethan has to work a full-time job to pay the bills, unfortunately, he spends most (if not all) of his paycheck at the video game store where he works. This is due to the fact that Ethan has very little self-control, is incredibly impulsive, and has a severe addiction to playing video games. His love for video games knows no bounds, so much so that he created a holiday for gamers called Winter-een-mas, where he proclaimed himself king. Ethan's antics and wild flights of fancy usually has to be kept in check by his best friend, Lucas, for without his help, Ethan would be jailed or worse. Lucas is very skilled with computers, and if he could calm Ethan down for a long enough period of time, they both would be a formidable pair, but for the moment, he has to subsist on his computer technician jobs, despite the fact that he hates interacting with the unwashed masses in general. Lucas has to be the realistic and grounded one in the apartment, lest chaos reign and Ethan set loose on the city in full force. Scott is an Linux programmer and aficionado. He keeps such a low profile that Ethan had no idea Scott was even living there until he saw him once in the kitchen. Scott's job and hobbies are just as mysterious as he is, as (for probably a good reason) he doesn't socialize too much with his roommates. Of the three, Scott is the most reserved, and therefore usually has a calm head when the situation escalates, but even he will go with the flow of Ethan's jaunts, all the while quietly moving his things to a safe distance.
Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire
Michael Terracciano is the cartoonist who creates Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire. Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire is a serial strip that follows the life of a seer named Dominic Deegan. At an early age Dominic learned that he had the power to see the future, but he soon learned that this made him special, yet an outcast at the same time. As he grew up, Dominic uses his gift of second sight to divine futures for money. This has probably made him a little cynical; as many of his customers ask him questions they probably could have answered on their own. At times his second sight works without his prompting, showing him visions of an unaltered future (meaning that he could still change it if he wished) that might be of importance to him. It's through these visions that he becomes entangled with another lonely soul by the name of Luna Travoria. Luna was born with slight tusks, a rare human birth defect, indicating that orcs were located somewhere in the Travorian bloodline. This constant reminder of a secret shame, coupled with the fact that her mother prided herself on being the fetching beauty with lovely daughters, prompted Luna's mother to enact a terrible plot. If Luna would end up killing herself after a visit from a Royal Knight of Callan, then the Callanese government would owe Luna's mother recompense for the death of her daughter. Her plan of belittling and diminishing her daughter's self esteem almost worked, if not for the timely intervention of Dominic. Dominic not only foiled Luna's mother's plot, but also managed to save Luna's live twice in the process. Perhaps sensing a kindred spirit, or because his second sight lead him to her, Dominic allowed the now abandoned Luna, to become his apprentice and help him in his theories of magical research. Now they travel together, their lives enmeshed with one another, as they continue trying to find a place of peace and quiet, but only if Dominic's visions will allow him to do so.

Happy Creek Elf

T. A. Coons is the cartoonist who creates The Elves and the Sportbike. The Elves and the Sportbike is a weekly strip in the gag-a-day format (having no ongoing storyline, but keeping the same characters for the strip), that follows the life of a little elf named Amber. Amber and her fellow elves are the typical elves portrayed in old fables, they are less than two feet tall and like to fix things for food. Amber and her friends like working on cars in particular and exchange their services for donuts. Sometimes they end up stealing parts from others and hide them to make an elf junkyard, but most of the time people find out about their missing items and eventually find them. Playful and very curious about their surroundings Amber and her friends tend to get in trouble from time to time when they go where they shouldn't. Amber also interacts with her human friend, Will, who instructs them on some basic ideas on human behavior and the concept of personal property.

Funny Farm

Ryan Smith is the cartoonist who creates Funny Farm. Funny Farm is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), daily serial strip that follows the lives of six people who live in a small boarding house. Ront (a dog) and Mewn (a cat) are the co-owners of the boarding house. They have to deal with the eccentric lifestyles of their boarders and roommates. In addition to dealing with the boarders, they have to deal with all sorts of problems ranging from dealing with a shadowy corporation, to a sentient PC that takes over Finland and renames it Siliconoplis.

Irregular Webcomic

David Morgan-Mar is the cartoonist who creates Irregular Webcomic. Irregular Webcomic is a serial strip that features a medium of Lego pieces to convey the story, and focuses on several different themed storylines. Cliffhangers follows the life of Dr. Montana “Monty” Jones in the 1930’s, and his run-ins with the Nazi army as he tries to keep them from plundering the world’s archeological treasures. Death follows the dealings of the deaths assigned to collecting souls that died in various ways, and their troubles involved in the collection. Espionage follows the life of British secret agent 0x0A, James Stud, as he tries to save the world from evil masterminds bent on conquering the world. Fantasy follows the lives of a adventuring group and their explorations and interactions with the Game Master. Harry Potter is based on the works of J.K. Rowling and follows the lives of students at Hogwart’s Academy. Imperial Rome is set in the Roman era, and follows the lives of a senator, Marcus, and an aspiring senator named Julius. Martians follows the lives of three Martians who try to take over the world, but have to deal with inept plans and The Men In Black. Mythbusters follows the lives of the cast of the television show, Mythbusters, as they try to find out the truth about various urban myths. Nigerian Finance Minister follows the cast of the finance ministry of Nigeria and their various plans to try and raise money for various purposes. Pirates follows the life of Captain Long Tom Short and his crew of dastardly pirates. Shakespeare follows the life of Will(iam) Shakespeare if he was born in the modern era and the influences it has on his writing. Space follows the lives of a crew of explorers and their adventures in space and cyberspace. Star Wars follows the lives of the casts of all of the Star Wars movies that were created by George Lucas and their adventures and insights about their experiences in the Star Wars universe. Steve and Terry follows the lives of the crocodile hunter, Steve Erwin and his exploration of the natural and supernatural world. Finally, Supers follows the lives of The League of Good Guys, starring: Captain Spatula, Dino Boy, Refractive Man, and the Worm Master. They fight against the Axis of Antagonists, which is comprised of: The Hippo, The Sea Dog, Aqualich, and The Bug.

It's Walky

David Willis is the cartoonist who creates It's Walky. It's Walky is a daily serial strip that picks up where Willis's previous comic, Roomies, left off. Roomies focused on a college student named Danny. Through the course of Roomies, we were introduced to Danny's girlfriend Sal, his pseudo-stalker/friend Joyce, and his best friend Joe. Over the course of Roomies, Sal leaves Danny for unknown reasons (at the time) and later joins a secret paramilitary organization named SEMME. Aliens abduct Joyce and Joe, and Joyce is forcibly recruited by SEMME after they save her from her second abduction. We are then introduced to a young SEMME agent named Walkterton or Walky for short (for who the new incarnation of the strip is named). Walky falls for Joyce but is unable to say anything about it for a long time, then later ends up dating Joyce (after a lot of things happen) when she realizes she returns the feelings. Joe gets forcibly recruited after his college graduation when Sal finds out that he was abducted. Meanwhile, Danny has been in the dark about everything and ended up having a relationship with a kindred spirit named Billie, but still has unresolved feelings for Sal. He gets a crash course in all of this when an alien incident is publicly staged where he finds out that Joyce and Joe are in fact alive, and that Sal is alive and well (so to speak). Sal had left SEMME to fight the aliens in her own way, and had found out that she had Martian DNA and a lot of power to boot. When she returns to the story, she goes on a rampage, attacking SEMME agents and aliens alike. After regaining her senses (from seeing Danny) she later submits to authorities and is placed in jail. Danny still pines for Sal and is straining his relationship with Billie to visit Sal on a regular basis. Confused yet? All this and much, much more are in store for you in It's Walky.
Kevin & Kell
Bill Holbrook is the cartoonist who creates Kevin and Kell. Kevin and Kell is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the lives of the Dewclaw family. The Dewclaw family came together when a rabbit named Kevin Kindle and a wolf named Kell Dewclaw fell in love from their frequent online chats. There was a little bit of turbulence when they realized how different they really were, but managed to overcome the traditional predator and prey relationship and build a marriage together. From his previous marriage, Kevin brought with him his adopted daughter, a hedgehog named Lindesfarne, and Kell brought her son, a wolf named Rudy. In order to stay as much out of public scrutiny as possible, they moved to the suburban town of Domain, which bordered the great Wild, where animals still held the traditional ways. Kevin started up his Internet Service Provider, Hare-Link, and Kell continued to work as an executive for Herd Thinners, a company that specializes in products made from prey species as well as trimming down the prey species population. Together, they had a child, a carnivorous rabbit named Coney, who looks just like a rabbit, but behaves like and has the same diet as a wolf. As for humanity as a whole, they are only known to most people as an online comic that Rudy draws in his spare time, but the various bird species knows of the existence of humans in another dimension, and provides a barrier between the two worlds.

Least I Could Do

Ryan Sohmer and Lar Desouza are the current cartoonists who create Least I Could Do, while Chad WM Porter and Trevor Adams are the former artists who worked with Ryan on Least I Could Do. Least I Could Do is a serial strip that follows the life of a writer named Rayne Summers. Rayne believes he is God’s gift to women, and frequently feels the need to share his gift with them. Aside from the pursuit of getting laid, Rayne spends a lot of his time scouting out new conquests and playing pranks on his friends. Rayne hates the idea of a continuous relationship, and for now plans on being a bachelor on the prowl until he dies. Rayne continues to chase his best female friend, Isse Alie, as they have been friends for years and she has been the one woman who he hasn’t been able to sleep with, not that he hasn’t tried. Isse prefers to keep Rayne as a friend, but seems to be secretly in love with him (due to the similarity of men she dates), but doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. Rayne rooms with his friend, John Gold, an elementary teacher, who is almost the exact opposite from Rayne. John seeks a long-term, stable relationship, and his sudden statements of asking women he just met to start a serious relationship, tends to keep him single. This has caused John to become a little bit desperate to find the right person for him, but not as much as his friend Mick Alfa. Mick is a mutual friend of Rayne and John, but ends up receiving the most abuse from they guys because of his almost utter failure to even get a date, let alone keep one. A lot of Mick’s problems stem from his habit of overeating and his lack of exercise. Rob Penfeild and Noel tend to get a lot of sarcastic remarks and outright insults from Rayne as they end up spending more time with their significant others, who rarely let them hang out with their friends.

Namir Deiter

Isabel Gonzalez-Marks is the cartoonist who creates Namir Deiter. Namir Deiter is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the lives of four girls. Tipper, a white and light orange cat, the youngest of the four, she is used to “benefiting” from the other girls advice, if she wants it or not! Tipper struggles through high school trying to find the right person to fall in love with, but hasn't had any luck as of so far. Fortunately, she has her sister, Snickers to help with her problems. Snickers Namir, a purple cat, is the oldest of the Namir sisters, and is one of the most levelheaded and responsible people around. She usually gets flack for sticking to the rules and tendencies toward mothering her younger sister, but she surprised them all when she married her boyfriend, Twix. Twix, a white and orange spotted cat, is eccentric in that he takes his mannerisms and manners from an earlier age of wearing tails and a top hat. He ended up taking the Namir name (much to his surprise) and moved into the Namir home when Snickers and Tipper's mother left the country on an open-ended trip. This amuses Blue Deiter, a blond cat with blue hair, to no end, because she gladly verbally spars with Twix from time to time. Blue is a free spirit, enjoying the moment, and the company of boys, but without the commitment. This stems from having come from a broken home, and running off to live with the woman she believes is her older sister. Fortunately, she has friends like Joy Satu, a formerly pink rabbit (now white), to amuse herself with. Joy loves computers, but is a shy person, as she felt self-conscious about the fact her fur would turn white in the winter. She is growing to accept this fact, but she seems to meet with several setbacks ranging from her longtime boyfriend leaving her and her friend Mallory having betrayed her. At least the others can take comfort in that she is getting better.

Pearls Before Swine

Stephan Pastis is the cartoonist who creates Pearls Before Swine. Pearls Before Swine is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), daily serial strip that follows the lives of two best friends: a rat named Rat and a pig named Pig. Rat is very enterprising, being ever on the look out for ways to get rich, meet women, and acquire fame. He feels himself as sort of an intellectual, but also feels that his plans and ideas are wasted on his friend Pig. Pig is pretty naïve, and a little slow witted, but he is quite happy with his current lot in life. Rat will get infuriated with Pig's little questions and his games with various people and objects, like his fruit club. So Rat tends to spend more and more time showing he is above those games and showing that he is better than Pig.

Player Vs Player

Scott Kurtz is the cartoonist who creates PvP: Player vs Player. PvP is a daily serial comic strip that follows the lives of the staff of PvP magazine. The PvP staff is as follows: Cole Richards, the owner and administrative head of PvP; Brent Sienna PvP's creative director; Jade Fontaine, a staff writer who writes about women's point of view toward the video game industry; Francis Ottoman, a staff writer who knows all there is to know about gaming; Robbie and Jase, two “sports writers” who critique sports games, but end up doing more playing than working; and finally, a large blue troll named Skull who has become PvP's unofficial mascot. PvP deals with topics from the gaming industry to relationships by using intellectual humor mixed in with slapstick.
Tatsuya Ishida is the cartoonist who creates Sinfest. Sinfest is a comic in the gag-a-day format (having no overall storyline, but maintains the cast of characters) that follows the lives of two friends, Slick and Monique. Slick is a self-proclaimed pimp, but finds that he has difficulty convincing all of the women he meets of that fact. Of course, this doesn't mean that he is after all of the women he meets, but only the attractive ones. Slick constantly sings his own praises and usually ends up driving the object of his affection away. Monique, on the other hand, does not have a problem finding guys, but rather her problem is finding someone that she likes, who will dote on her every whim, is financially secure, and is a genuinely nice guy. Unfortunately for her, most of the guys she likes are either taken or are full of themselves, so she spends a lot of her time hanging out with Slick. Monique has no interest in Slick as he is, but usually finds that she has nothing better to do. Slick also hangs out with his assistant Criminy and his comrade-in-arms, an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities) pig named Squigley. Criminy helps Slick keep track of his appointments, the tracking patterns of hot women, the list of women who turn him down, and various other menial tasks. Criminy doesn't seem to mind, as he sees Slick as sort of an ideal version of what he would like to be. Squigley, on the other hand, shares a lot of Slick's attitude towards women, but without any of the charm. He prefers to believe that a man should act as a man, and not have to primp or preen in order to impress a woman. Of course, since Slick and Squigley's methods haven't worked yet, Slick is open to other ideas and options.
Sluggy Freelance
Pete Abrams is the cartoonist who creates Sluggy Freelance. Sluggy Freelance is a serial strip that follows the lives of two friends, Riff (Riffington) and Torg. Riff is an inventor and mechanical genius that is able to create new technologies sometimes utilizing mundane equipment. While Riff can create a lot of wonderful inventions, they often lack a lot of practical planning or are not followed through upon, which sometimes results in trouble. He has difficulties with his mother, a famous talk show host who goes by the name of Dr. Lora, who takes out a lot of her personal anger over her divorce on her callers, often breaking them down to tears. Torg loves to sit back and take life as it comes, treating every day like he used to as a child, fully enjoying life. He prefers to not work, but does have the necessary skills required to be a web designer, and sometimes offers his services over the Internet. Torg really is the last person who someone can call as being responsible, but lately the rest of the housemates have noticed a distinct change in Torg's demeanor, due to his experiences in an alternate reality. The source of a lot of Torg's change is one of the other housemates and his good friend, Zoë. Zoë is practically the sole source of reason in the household, as she finds that Torg and Riff's schemes are often silly or ill conceived, and she often has to bear the brunt of the financial responsibilities for maintaining the house. Torg and Zoë have developed a close friendship that could blossom into romance if they could have a sane moment together, and provided that Torg didn't do something to ruin the moment. Gwynn, the other human roommate, is a practicing witch, through the book of E-Ville, a terrible book that she promised not to work with, but hasn't strictly enforced. Since a lot of accidents end up coming her way, she takes out a lot of her anger on Torg and Riff, but can usually be mollified through bribes of video games. Kiki (a hyperactive anthropomorphic ferret with a problem keeping her mind on something for a long enough period of time) and Bun Bun (an often psychotic, switchblade-wielding, anthropomorphic mini-lop) usually also reside in the house, often causing their own brands of trouble.
Chris Crosby is the cartoonist who creates Superosity. Superosity is a serial strip that follows the life of a guy named Chris and his sentient board-like creature he aptly named Boardy. Chris lives with his brother Bobby and Boardy in Super City Apartments. Chris is almost childlike in his naiveté, and at times has irrational dislikes or hatred for things. He has the ability to find the good in most people and focus on that aspect, assuming that everyone likes him, and that they are all good friends. He relies on Boardy for the majority of his needs, and spends his time seeking things that he enjoyed in his childhood or having Boardy cater to his every whim or fancy. Boardy has no memories of his past and is constantly trying to find out who and what he is. Unfortunately, his search is often interrupted by the constant demands that Chris has of him, but doesn't mind helping his friend, since Chris did find and help him when he needed it. Chris's brother, Bobby, is about the exact opposite of Chris. Bobby is constantly irritated with his cheerful brother and despite any threats of violence or verbal abuse; Chris still sticks with Bobby, much to his annoyance. Bobby hates about everyone and everything, but constantly attempts to concoct plans that will enable him to take over the world, so he could run things his way. Chris's fiancé, Arcadia, is a kindred spirit and shares his childlike innocence, but loves being a lawyer. Arcadia caters to her brother and grandmother's wishes, but rebelled against their decision and decided to marry Chris. She enjoys going on Chris's wacky adventures as typically they are exciting, and usually nothing bad happens (thanks to Boardy's constant vigilance).
User Friendly
J. D. "Illiad" Frazer is the cartoonist who creates User Friendly. User Friendly is a serial strip that follows the lives of the employees of Columbia Internet, a medium sized Internet service provider. Columbia Internet is run by a man known to his employees as simply The Chief. The Chief, like some managers, is sometimes out of the loop of what his employees do, and this is due to either trusting him employees too much or not paying enough attention to their activities. Assisting him in financial decisions is the employee known simply as The Smiling Man. The Smiling Man is known as such due to his constant gleeful smile, even when he is delivering bad news to the employees. Pitr Dubovich is the administrator who is slowly trying to take over the world and become a true evil dictator. Mike Floyd is the system administrator and the person who everyone first comes to when something goes wrong with the network. The stress causes Mike to have a fierce caffeine addiction due to the fact that has to not only put up with the customers crashing the network, but also the blunders of Stef Murky, the Corporate Sales Manager. Stef doesn't really work well with computers, but feels that his position is far superior to the computer technician's position, so if anything goes wrong, he is more than happy to let them know. Stef's constant crashing of the network causes problems for Greg Flemming, the help desk technician a lot of problems as well, as he is the front-line support with the customers. To help handle all of the downtime, The Chief hired an additional technician, Miranda Cornielle, to keep the servers up and running. Finally, the last employee, A.J. Garrett, is the web technician who is in charge of maintaining the website and graphical content of Columbia Internet.
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