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Kim In Love

Christopher Baldwin is the cartoonist who creates Kim in Love. Kim in Love is a one-shot, serial strip about a young girl's misguided search for love in grade school. Kim, the star of the strip, is infatuated with a young lad named Tonio. Tonio, not wanting anything to do with Kim, resists all of her attempts to woo him to her. Kim and her friend Ruby team up to help “convince” Tonio that he should take Kim to the dance. If he doesn't take her, then they take drastic measures ranging from tossing Tonio off a bridge to dropping the girls he asks down a dry well.

Madge's Diary

Christopher Baldwin is the cartoonist who creates Madge's Diary. Madge's Diary is a weekday strip in the gag-a-day format (having no ongoing storyline, but keeping the same characters for the strip) that follows the life of a young high school girl named Madge. Madge is a bright, intelligent, and is very insightful in the lives of other people, however, where her own life is concerned, she is just as fallible as the rest of us. Madge's friend Carmel seems to be cut from the same mold as Madge, but where Madge prefers to be slightly apart from society (but not too far as we see), Carmel is very concerned with her own social life and the search for attaining a boyfriend. Madge and Carmel also are friends with a young, naive lad named Jim. He's a little slower than most of us, but he can at times come up with something witty to say. He's typically the butt of Madge and Carmel's jokes, but he usually doesn't see that he's being made fun of.

Roomies: Is A Song Forever?

David Willis is the cartoonist who created Roomies: Is a Song Forever?. Roomies: Is a Song Forever? followed the lives of three college students from his original online comic called Roomies!. Danny and Joe are graduating, which has them both thinking about the future and about the eventual goodbyes that will have to be exchanged once graduation is over. Billie, Danny's girlfriend, will be staying in college to finish up her degree program, while Danny and Joe graduate. Since Danny has to move to another state for his new job, he worries that a long-distance relationship will not work out. Roomies: Is a Song Forever? deals with all of the things that a person has to deal with when they accept the responsibilities of adulthood and go out into the world.


Trail Potter wrote and Christopher Baldwin drew Salty. Salty is they story about a vampire named Randolf. Randolf was a young man looking for love, but not having much to offer made courting potential brides difficult. One day, after a particularly brutal evening of being “turned down”, Randolf came across a woman named Raven'a who seemed to be interested in him, but turned out to only be interested in his blood. After draining him, she left, but in her haste she accidentally left him enough strength to survive the ordeal and become a full-fledged vampire. Now, Randolf has to go through eternity trying to fit into human society, trying to retain his humanity and not succumb to the beast within him as he did in his early years of being a vampire.

Sheppard And May

Christopher Baldwin is the cartoonist who created Sheppard and May. Sheppard and May is a one-shot, serial comic strip that followed the life of a grade-schooler named Sheppard. Sheppard is an insightful and shy lad who is pals with a rambunctious young girl named May. Together they play normal children's games and Sheppard ends up asking his sister a variety of things that children normally ask, like “Why can't Mom be more like a waitress?”. Sheppard ended up finding love with a quiet girl named Dee, this caused some friction between May and himself, but for the most part, she seemed okay with it. Had the strip developed more, perhaps they would have delved deeper into the crushes that children have, and more how May would have reacted.
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