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Christian Fundin and Pontus Madsen are the creators of Little Gamers. Little Gamers is a strip in the gag-a-day format (having no ongoing storyline, but keeping the same characters) that follows the lives of the incarnations of the creators of the comic. Christian typically runs the comic with his poking stick and access to the scripts. He is known for his skill with Tekken and his biting political commentary about the United States. He enjoys most games (or at least making fun of them if he doesn’t like them), when he can get the controllers away from Madsen. Madsen is a longtime friend of Christian, and prides himself on his pr0n (porn) collection. He even accepted his current job with the understanding that they had high-speed Internet access. Not known for his spelling, or personal hygiene, he rabidly defends his pr0n collection with his life. Fortunately for him, Marcus doesn’t know too much about computers, and is slowly being ushered into the idea that the Internet has vast access to pr0n. He is an avid fan of the Final Fantasy series, and is slowly trying to fix his reputation between Christian and Madsen’s ribbings, but they aren’t making it easy for him. They all have to beware of the Cute Ninjas and their perchance for playing various ninja games on the Playstation 2, lest they be duct-taped to the ceiling again.
Fred Gallagher & Rodney Caston (Piro and Largo) are the cartoonists who create MegaTokyo. MegaTokyo is a serial comic strip that follows the lives of two friends, Piro and Largo. Piro and Largo were supposed to go to Japan on holiday, and be back within a week or so. This was not to be the case. Piro and Largo managed to waste all of their money and end up stranded in Japan. Piro, the only one who actually speaks Japanese, managed to get them a place to stay, with his friend Tsubasa. Unfortunately, after long overstaying their welcome and spending some money they managed to get from home, Tsubasa spent almost all of his money and left to go find the perfect girl. Thus leaving Piro and Largo homeless again, but this time with their new friend, Ping, who happens to be Sony Playstation 2 compatible!
Isabel Gonzalez-Marks is the cartoonist who creates Namir Deiter. Namir Deiter is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the lives of four girls. Tipper, a white and light orange cat, the youngest of the four, she is used to “benefiting” from the other girls advice, if she wants it or not! Tipper struggles through high school trying to find the right person to fall in love with, but hasn’t had any luck as of so far. Fortunately, she has her sister, Snickers to help with her problems. Snickers Namir, a purple cat, is the oldest of the Namir sisters, and is one of the most levelheaded and responsible people around. She usually gets flack for sticking to the rules and tendencies toward mothering her younger sister, but she surprised them all when she married her boyfriend, Twix. Twix, a white and orange spotted cat, is eccentric in that he takes his mannerisms and manners from an earlier age of wearing tails and a top hat. He ended up taking the Namir name (much to his surprise) and moved into the Namir home when Snickers and Tipper’s mother left the country on an open-ended trip. This amuses Blue Deiter, a blond cat with blue hair, to no end, because she gladly verbally spars with Twix from time to time. Blue is a free spirit, enjoying the moment, and the company of boys, but without the commitment. This stems from having come from a broken home, and running off to live with the woman she believes is her older sister. Fortunately, she has friends like Joy Satu, a formerly pink rabbit (now white), to amuse herself with. Joy loves computers, but is a shy person, as she felt self-conscious about the fact her fur would turn white in the winter. She is growing to accept this fact, but she seems to meet with several setbacks ranging from her longtime boyfriend leaving her and her friend Mallory having betrayed her. At least the others can take comfort in that she is getting better.
Thomas Dye is the cartoonist who creates Newshounds. Newshounds has anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities) elements mixed in with human society in a weekday serial strip that follows the lives of the employees of the all-animal news station, KPET. KEPT and the animals are owned by Lorna Dilbrook and the operations are ultimately run by her. Despite that, the staff of KEPT keeps her on her toes, from problems such as mind control of the pet population, to her father trying to get money from her to pay off his gambling debts.
Darren "Gav" Bleuel is the cartoonist that creates Nukees. Nukees is a serial strip that follows the life of a Nuclear Engineering student (aka a Nukee) named Gav. Gav is your average ten-year grad student, who happens to live on campus in his office while he “works” on his thesis. In reality, he works on anything but his thesis, preferring to spend his time on his inventions. He prefers this arrangement since as a grad student, he has access to all of the labs on campus, and allows him to create things from a giant, nuclear-powered, robot ant, to a mechanized lawyer-bot of destruction, to even a sentient virtual pet gone power-mad.
Michael lalonde is the cartoonist who creates Orneryboy. Orneryboy is a serial strip that follows the lives of a unusual couple. Orneryboy is a moody guy who dresses like a goth, but spends a lot of his time hating random things that piss him off. He usually vents his anger verbally, but when some people prove to be a little thickheaded, more radical methods are brought to bear. This is because of his bleak outlook on life and humanity. Fortunately, he does have one shining spot in his life, his lover, Dirtygirl. Dirtygirl, much like the name implies, can be messy and disorganized, but she has a passionate love for life that can, at times, baffle Orneryboy. She defends life, all life, and as such is a strict vegetarian, going so far as to bury the bones that are left over from a chicken dinner that Orneryboy had. Recently, her beliefs have caused her to defend the life of Brian, a zombie that crawled his way out of the ground in her garden. Unlike most brain-eating zombies, Brian doesn't hurt Dirtygirl, but treats her with respect and love. Orneryboy at first protested the idea of a brain-eating corpse living in the basement, but he was no match for Dirtygirl's persuasive hold over him. Now the question remains, how long can Brian hold off from trying to eat his adoptive family?
David Craig Simpson is the cartoonist who creates Ozy and Millie. Ozy and Millie is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the lives of two best friends, an artic fox named Ozy and a fox named Millie. Ozy is introspective, submissive, and philosophical about life in general. This is probably because of his unusual family structure, having been adopted at an early age by a red dragon named Llewellyn, whom has been his father figure ever since. The differences between Ozy and Millie are like night and day, where Ozy is passive and serene, Millie is active and rambunctious. This tends to get Ozy dragged into various tangents that Millie finds herself on. Millie constantly questions the social order, and continues to operate outside of the norm, which is fine with Ozy, since his background firmly puts him there. It's obvious where Millie gets her streak of rambunctiousness when you look at what her mom used to be like before society started wearing her down, and the fact that her father is a pirate captain. Where Ozy and Millie tend to go against society's norms, some of their friends (or more at times, acquaintances) firmly stick with their places in the social order. Avery, a raccoon, is an advertisers dream, as he follows all of the constant ads and looks at famous figures for cues on what is cool. Stephan, an aardvark, became disillusioned with the crash of the dotcoms but still struggles to show that being a techno-savant will firmly establish his popularity and financial security. Felicia, a sheep, is a typical “popular” girl, taking her cues from pop-culture, fashion, and famous individuals, she travels with her clique around the school and makes fun of those on the outside of the class social order.
Stephan Pastis is the cartoonist who creates Pearls Before Swine. Pearls Before Swine is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), daily serial strip that follows the lives of two best friends: a rat named Rat and a pig named Pig. Rat is very enterprising, being ever on the look out for ways to get rich, meet women, and acquire fame. He feels himself as sort of an intellectual, but also feels that his plans and ideas are wasted on his friend Pig. Pig is pretty naïve, and a little slow witted, but he is quite happy with his current lot in life. Rat will get infuriated with Pig's little questions and his games with various people and objects, like his fruit club. So Rat tends to spend more and more time showing he is above those games and showing that he is better than Pig.
Mike "Gabe" Krahulik and Jerry "Tycho" Holkins are the cartoonists who create Penny Arcade. Penny Arcade is a comic in the gag-a-day format (having no overall storyline, but maintains the cast of characters) that follows the lives of two friends, Johnathan Gabriel and Tycho Brahe. Gabe is heavily into video games, and is very competitive over playing the game itself and his extensive knowledge of video games. Gabe has difficulty in controlling his impulses and can suddenly display violent outbursts when he is deprived of his precious gaming. Tycho, on the other hand, is usually the levelheaded one, and tries to keep Gabe in check, if only for his own sanity. Of course, sometimes Gabe goes over the line, and Tycho displays some of his own repressed anger that lurks beneath the surface. Gabe married Kara, who due to Gabe's influence became a gamer as well, but not to the extent that Gabe takes things. Kara usually has to be the voice of reason and remain grounded in reality, lest Gabe spiral out of control. Tycho has been married to his wife Brenna for longer than Gabe has, but Brenna doesn't really get into the games at all. Brenna prefers to do more social interaction and hang out with Kara, than spend her whole day cooped up inside playing video games. Charles (or Chuck as Gabe and Tycho call him) is the self-proclaimed Macintosh guru, who Gabe and Tycho abhor due to his elitist attitude towards PC computers, and their love for PC gaming. Charles re-styled his wardrobe and outward personality when the Macintosh operating system upgraded to Mac OS X, and now sports a sleek new look, but with a more mature nature. At times Gabe and Tycho have problems with objects gaining sentience and becoming anthropomorphic (inanimate objects that are attributed human-like qualities), such as Div (an anthropomorphic DIVX player) or Fruit Fucker 2000 (an anthropomorphic juicer), which frequently enter their home without their knowledge.
Scott Kurtz is the cartoonist who creates PvP: Player vs Player. PvP is a daily serial comic strip that follows the lives of the staff of PvP magazine. The PvP staff is as follows: Cole Richards, the owner and administrative head of PvP; Brent Sienna PvP's creative director; Jade Fontaine, a staff writer who writes about women's point of view toward the video game industry; Francis Ottoman, a staff writer who knows all there is to know about gaming; Robbie and Jase, two “sports writers” who critique sports games, but end up doing more playing than working; and finally, a large blue troll named Skull who has become PvP's unofficial mascot. PvP deals with topics from the gaming industry to relationships by using intellectual humor mixed in with slapstick.
Jeph Jacques is the cartoonist who creates Questionable Content. Questionable Content is a serial strip that follows the life of a music aficionado named Marten Reed. Martin is very educated when it comes to music, but he has difficulty opening up to strong women unless he is able to relax around them. Martin's timidity towards women and attraction to strong females is partially due to the fact that his mother is Veronica Vance, a famous S&M dominatrix who stared in many erotic videos. That's not to say that he is interested in his mother that way, but it did have a formative impression on him since he knew what she did for a living ever since he was a child, and thought it was a normal thing. He works in an office complex, as a office assistant (of course his business cards call him "office bitch", but his boss is just being playful), but it's a job he really doesn't like. Fortunately, he met a girl named Faye Whitaker, who he falls for. Originally from the southern United States, Faye moved north to escape from some problems in her past, which keep her on the defensive most of the time. Due to a fire at her apartment complex, she moved in with Martin and quickly established a strong friendship with Martin, but because of her past, she doesn't take the friendship any further. Faye works at a coffee shop where her boss, Dora Bianchi, allows her to vent any anger or frustration she might have on the customers, in order to keep up the ideal of aloof coffeehouse baristas. Dora immediately showed an interest in Martin (much to the secret annoyance of Faye), but has to wait for Martin to sort out his feelings for Faye, which leaves her waiting until Faye can sort through her past troubles in order to see if she has real feelings for Martin.
Greg Dean is the cartoonist who creates Real Life. Real life is set in modern times in the United States. Real Life is a weekday serial strip that follows the lives of seven friends in their psuedo-real life situations. Real Life usually deals with game playing, fighting evil computer versions of them, or just having fun. The cast is as follows: Greg, the cartoonist, creator of the world, he doles out rewards or punishments to the characters that he has made. Usually he is only seen as a disembodied voice; Greg (the character) a fantasy gamer and sword ends up being the one the cartoonist favors (we all wonder why right? :) ) yet, ends up being the one who gets into the most trouble; Dave is a quake-loving gamer who spends most of his time honing his skills in first person shooters, and working to create the best computer system around; Crystal is Greg's (the cartoon version) girlfriend, but is not to be dismissed lightly, since she is as big of a gamer as the rest of them; Tony is a gamer like the rest, but unlike the rest, he takes old systems and makes fantastic things out of them.
Reinder Dijkhuis is the cartoonist who creates Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan. Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan is a weekday serial strip that is the story of a thieving band of the same name that operate in Clwyd-Rhan. Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan is set in a medieval European setting, but is a fantasy comic. The band is led by Ragnarok "Pulp" Torvaldsen, and comprises the following members: Kel Mansdóttir a half-faerie witch; Jodoque Davignon a bard; Tamlin LLamfarythich, former leader of the gang and fierce thief berserker, now a drunk; Atra Cambrensis a slightly addle-minded witch; and Jake the Gnome, a fighter who speaks rarely save to make a smart mouthed comment. As the name suggests the thieving band primarily steals for a living, but sometimes does a job for people who can pay the right price. Most of the time that price has to include a large amount of beer or ale in order for the Rogues to be interested in the job.
Dan Canaan is the cartoonist who creates Roomies. Roomies is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of two roommates, a pony named Flinthoof and a tiger named Tibo. Flinthoof is a computer tech who has a severe addiction to any kind of mint. Tibo, a green and orange striped tiger (think Cringer from He-man), is a computer programmer. Their lives are peaceful for the most part, aside from "little things" ranging from their computer calling itself Borg and trying to take over the house, to Flinthoof's pet ferrets converting their cage into a car then proceeding to attempt to take over the world, to even going into cyberspace to bring back the ferrets.
Sam Logan is the cartoonist who creates Sam and Fuzzy. Sam and Fuzzy is a serial strip that follows the life of two roommates. Sam is a struggling 24-year-old bookstore clerk at Burton's Books, while he tries to make up enough money for wrecking a taxi at his former job. Sam has no idea what he wants most of the time, let alone what sort of goal he is working towards. Sam tries to put up a brave front, bragging to his friends about his life so that they don't really know how unhappy he is, but Sam isn't that good of a liar. All throughout his life, Sam has been plagued by insecurities and doubts, a fact that allows him to be easily manipulated by others (such as Fuzzy). Fuzzy, an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities) bear, who frequently causes Sam no end of trouble. Fuzzy is extremely impulsive and says whatever is on his mind, and most of which is not all that pleasant. Fuzzy has some psychological issues, but despite his aggressive and psychotic behavior, he really does care about Sam, even if it's because Sam is his favorite little toy. Fortunately for Sam, his coworker and former girlfriend, Alexa, tries to help Sam along. This is partially because she can see some of her own insecurities mirrored in him and partially due to her unresolved feelings towards him. The reason for their initial breakup is mostly due to Sam's resentment towards her attempts at helping him, as she did not realize that he does not truly want to fix his problems at the moment. Sam is usually blinded to the fact that others try to help him out, and casually dismisses their advice. For now, Sam is content to amble through life, wallowing in self-pity at his situation, but unwilling to try and change things, as all change is usually accompanied by some risk.
John Allison is the cartoonist who creates Scary-Go-Round. Scary-Go-Round is a spin-off serial strip from the comic, Bobbins, that follows the lives of several former employees of the now defunct magazine, City Limit. Tim Jones is the current mayor of Tackleford who is an inventor of many strange, but occasionally useful inventions. A lot of Tim's work crosses over to mad science, but he tends to be kept in check from crossing over to evil mad science by his friends and lovers. Fallon Young is a former secret agent, who was not very good at completing all aspects of her job in a quiet manner, but generally got the job done. Her life tends to be far more action-packed than those of her friends, and she ends up spending a lot of her time off in other countries. Ryan Beckwith enjoys life as a professional slacker, a trait that rubbed off on him some from his father, who was grooming him to become "the king of the tramps" and live a hobo's life. Having turned his back on his father's wishes, Ryan spends a lot of time with his friends, as he struggles to find meaning in his life. Shelly Winters was the former mayor's secretary, and due to his peculiar nature and various neurosis, Shelly was able to run the whole city with an iron fist. This posed a problem if and when she got drunk, as a lot of her pent up aggression would come streaming forth, and cause embarrassments in public. In recent years, Shelly has had a number of brushes with death, and successfully faced her greatest fear in order to be able to return to the land of the living. Amy Chilton is the daughter of Len Pickering, the former editor and owner of City Limit. Amy was not spared any expense as she was growing up, as her father could never really say no to his little girl, and as such, she grew up a little spoiled. She was the former assistant to Tim in his workshop, but due to an attempted theft of his time-traveling teapot, she was dismissed of that position.
David Willis is the cartoonist who creates Shortpacked!. Shortpacked! Is a serial strip that follows the lives of the employees of a individual retail toy outlet called Shortpacked!. Galasso, the store manager, has delusions of grandeur, and treats his managerial experience at Shortpacked! as one step in his master plan of taking over the world. As such, he views his employees as his own minions, and expects nothing but the very best in results and loyalty to him and his mission. One of Galasso's favorite employees, Ethan, on the other hand, humors his boss's quirks and rants, because it has been his dream to work in a toy store since he was little. Ethan tries his best to keep his job but not to undermine his underlying values, but is not always successful. Despite any lapses, he loves toys, and he makes sure that each and every customer feels happy with their purchases, because the remembers the feelings he had upon receiving toys when he was a kid. Robin is a newly hired employee, but in her short time at the store, she has proven herself to be a swift worker, rivaling Ethan for Galasso's approval. Whimsical and subject to flights of fancy, Robin was formerly employed by a secret government organization(see It's Walky), and she took the job at Shortpacked! simply because it interested her. She has taken to befriending her fellow employee, Amber, as she noticed Amber's tendency towards being shy and introverted, and hopes to one day bring Amber out of her shell. Robin was surprised to see Mike also working in the store, as he used to work at the government facility with her, but was never really friendly with people. Mike enjoys working as a customer service representative, as it allows him to screw over and berate the customers on a daily basis. The last employee, Rick, spends most of his time practicing to be a ninja, and always tries to sell ninja merchandise to any customer, no matter what they came to the store for originally.
Tatsuya Ishida is the cartoonist who creates Sinfest. Sinfest is a comic in the gag-a-day format (having no overall storyline, but maintains the cast of characters) that follows the lives of two friends, Slick and Monique. Slick is a self-proclaimed pimp, but finds that he has difficulty convincing all of the women he meets of that fact. Of course, this doesn't mean that he is after all of the women he meets, but only the attractive ones. Slick constantly sings his own praises and usually ends up driving the object of his affection away. Monique, on the other hand, does not have a problem finding guys, but rather her problem is finding someone that she likes, who will dote on her every whim, is financially secure, and is a genuinely nice guy. Unfortunately for her, most of the guys she likes are either taken or are full of themselves, so she spends a lot of her time hanging out with Slick. Monique has no interest in Slick as he is, but usually finds that she has nothing better to do. Slick also hangs out with his assistant Criminy and his comrade-in-arms, an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities) pig named Squigley. Criminy helps Slick keep track of his appointments, the tracking patterns of hot women, the list of women who turn him down, and various other menial tasks. Criminy doesn't seem to mind, as he sees Slick as sort of an ideal version of what he would like to be. Squigley, on the other hand, shares a lot of Slick's attitude towards women, but without any of the charm. He prefers to believe that a man should act as a man, and not have to primp or preen in order to impress a woman. Of course, since Slick and Squigley's methods haven't worked yet, Slick is open to other ideas and options.
Pete Abrams is the cartoonist who creates Sluggy Freelance. Sluggy Freelance is a serial strip that follows the lives of two friends, Riff (Riffington) and Torg. Riff is an inventor and mechanical genius that is able to create new technologies sometimes utilizing mundane equipment. While Riff can create a lot of wonderful inventions, they often lack a lot of practical planning or are not followed through upon, which sometimes results in trouble. He has difficulties with his mother, a famous talk show host who goes by the name of Dr. Lora, who takes out a lot of her personal anger over her divorce on her callers, often breaking them down to tears. Torg loves to sit back and take life as it comes, treating every day like he used to as a child, fully enjoying life. He prefers to not work, but does have the necessary skills required to be a web designer, and sometimes offers his services over the Internet. Torg really is the last person who someone can call as being responsible, but lately the rest of the housemates have noticed a distinct change in Torg's demeanor, due to his experiences in an alternate reality. The source of a lot of Torg's change is one of the other housemates and his good friend, Zoë. Zoë is practically the sole source of reason in the household, as she finds that Torg and Riff's schemes are often silly or ill conceived, and she often has to bear the brunt of the financial responsibilities for maintaining the house. Torg and Zoë have developed a close friendship that could blossom into romance if they could have a sane moment together, and provided that Torg didn't do something to ruin the moment. Gwynn, the other human roommate, is a practicing witch, through the book of E-Ville, a terrible book that she promised not to work with, but hasn't strictly enforced. Since a lot of accidents end up coming her way, she takes out a lot of her anger on Torg and Riff, but can usually be mollified through bribes of video games. Kiki (a hyperactive anthropomorphic ferret with a problem keeping her mind on something for a long enough period of time) and Bun Bun (an often psychotic, switchblade-wielding, anthropomorphic mini-lop) usually also reside in the house, often causing their own brands of trouble.
Bob Roberds is the cartoonist behind Soap on a Rope. Soap on a Rope is a serial comic strip that follows the life of Max Slacker and his friends. Max's friends are: Stu Moore a naive optimist who works with Max at MCX Computer Corporation; Annie Vrska a psychotic who keeps herself in check with lots of medication and another coworker at MCX; Circe Byrd a pessimist who nevertheless ends up being the luckiest person around and a coworker at MCX. Max and his friends have problems ranging from three-headed aliens invading to traveling to parallel worlds.
Owen Gieni and Chris Crosby are the cartoonists who create Sore Thumbs. Sore Thumbs is a serial strip that follows the life of Cecania Greensworthington, the black sheep of a wealthy conservative family. Cecania is very political, and inserts her viewpoints on politics in everyday conversation, as well as any relevant facts that she find that relate to the topic. Since she is so vocal about her viewpoints and how much she disparages George W. Bush, she has to go and work for her brother, Fairbanks. Fairbanks is also very political, but follows in his mother's footsteps and is a very staunch conservative. He blindly follows the beliefs and teachings of other more important conservatives, and berates anyone for having a difference in opinion to his. Fairbanks finds himself inexplicably drawn to Cecania's friend, Harmony, despite having somewhat different beliefs. Harmony originally was going to marry Fairbanks since Cecania told her to do so, in order to get him out of the way, but has since found herself drawn to him as he has a commanding presence (but lacks the coherency of a leader). One of the reasons why she is marrying him is to get out of working, and tends to blindly follow along with what he is saying; if she can understand him or not. The newest employee and co-owner, Sawyer Kaden, was once a soldier in Iraq until a certain accident left him unable to conceive children, and was allowed to leave military service. Since he received a number of video games as good-will gifts, his stock of games was the perfect addition to Sore Thumbs to keep it above the likes of the competition, such as all-around crazy man, Rondel Mayflower IV.
Alan Foreman is the cartoonist behind S.S.D.D.. S.S.D.D. is a anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial comic strip that follows the lives of four roommates, living in a flat in Britain. The roommates are as follows: Norman, a psychotic rabbit who enjoys tormenting others; Richard, a fox who is just trying to stay sane while living with Norman; Anne, a fox who happens to be Richard's girlfriend; and Kingston, a brown rabbit who's only desire is to watch TV and get high. S.S.D.D. regularly deals with topics such as Guy Fawke's Day, to things that Norman does to people, to relationships, to even time travel.
Kristofer Straub is the cartoonist who creates Starslip Crisis. Starslip Crisis is a serial strip set in 3441 that follows the lives of the crew of the Interculture Directorate Ship Fuseli (the galaxy's only starship museum). Memnon Vanderbeam is the captain and curator of the Fuseli. Memmon can be pretentious, lording over others that he runs the only starship museum, and is quick to point out the relative significance of any object aboard the Fuseli, taking pride in his formidable knowledge of ancient and obscure art culture. He can be demanding at times, expecting no less than perfection from his crew, particularly of the Cirbozoid (an asexual insect-like species) Operations Assistant, called Mr. Jinx (his actual name being unpronounceable in English or even in his native language). Despite this, Mr. Jinx works efficiently at his duties as the first-officer (see Operations Assistant) of the Fuseli, and if needed, Mr. Jinx can always reproduce another of his race quickly (within minutes), in order to double his effective output. Cutter Edgewise is a reformed space pirate, setting aside his criminal ways to pilot the Fuseli. Sometimes it seems like he didn't quite leave the space pirate life of his own accord, as old habits die hard, but he is still considered the best pilot around. He interacts with A2-Z, the ship's onboard artificial intelligence and one of the museum's pieces.
John "The Gneech" Robey is the cartoonist who creates The Suburban Jungle. The Suburban Jungle is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial comic that follows the life of Tiffany Tiger. Tiffany Tiger is a struggling fashion model who is trying to make it big in the fashion world so that she can do modeling full time. She has to deal with rivals in the fashion world, juggle a relationship with the fear of being rejected (male tigers don't mate for life), and deal with her temporary job as a computer programmer.
Chris Crosby is the cartoonist who creates Superosity. Superosity is a serial strip that follows the life of a guy named Chris and his sentient board-like creature he aptly named Boardy. Chris lives with his brother Bobby and Boardy in Super City Apartments. Chris is almost childlike in his naiveté, and at times has irrational dislikes or hatred for things. He has the ability to find the good in most people and focus on that aspect, assuming that everyone likes him, and that they are all good friends. He relies on Boardy for the majority of his needs, and spends his time seeking things that he enjoyed in his childhood or having Boardy cater to his every whim or fancy. Boardy has no memories of his past and is constantly trying to find out who and what he is. Unfortunately, his search is often interrupted by the constant demands that Chris has of him, but doesn't mind helping his friend, since Chris did find and help him when he needed it. Chris's brother, Bobby, is about the exact opposite of Chris. Bobby is constantly irritated with his cheerful brother and despite any threats of violence or verbal abuse; Chris still sticks with Bobby, much to his annoyance. Bobby hates about everyone and everything, but constantly attempts to concoct plans that will enable him to take over the world, so he could run things his way. Chris's fiancé, Arcadia, is a kindred spirit and shares his childlike innocence, but loves being a lawyer. Arcadia caters to her brother and grandmother's wishes, but rebelled against their decision and decided to marry Chris. She enjoys going on Chris's wacky adventures as typically they are exciting, and usually nothing bad happens (thanks to Boardy's constant vigilance).
Richard T. Matheson is the cartoonist who creates Tails from the Mynarski Forest. Tails from the Mynarski Forest is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), weekly serial strip that follows the lives of a rabbit named Skippy and a red fox named Liska. Skippy and Liska met under the usual predator/prey circumstances, but Skippy managed to save himself from being eaten. Now he has Liska following him around everywhere and managing to get him into trouble. Skippy finally starts falling for Liska, which is a problem in itself since Liska is a fox after all. Aside from the problems that being around one another creates, Skippy and Liska have to deal with problems ranging from loggers trying to cut down the forest, to a squirrel who hates Skippy, to even some interesting applications of anti-freeze.
Tom Brazelton is the cartoonist who creates Theater Hopper. Theater Hopper is a comic in the gag-a-day format (having no overall storyline, but maintains the cast of characters) that follows the life of the artist, Tom, and his wife, Cami. Tom is a very dedicated movie aficionado, who's dedication often crosses over into the obsessed. The local theaters end up being a second him for him (if they didn't constantly find ways to irritate him), and he shows his support for the movies that he likes by dressing up as the characters, mimicking the stars of the movie, or even try to modify himself so he could be like the main character. Having known Tom for over 14 years, and being married to him, Cami understands Tom's over-enthusiastic views of movies and has the same love for movies, but usually has to be the voice of reason when Tom goes over the line. This doesn't mean that Cami doesn't have her own obsessions about movies, as she loves romantic comedies (especially ones with Julia Roberts), but her obsessions don't involve danger or embarrassment to herself or others. Jared is Tom's best male friend and his usual partner-in-crime when Cami doesn't go along with their plan or like the movie. This usually means that Jared is on the receiving end of a lot of trouble and violence, but usually doesn't let it bother him. Jared's favorite movie genre is supernatural fiction, and makes sure to dress up in his old gothic attire, a remnant he kept from his life before he was married. Even Tom's dog, Truman, loves movies, and really likes the ones that have animal stars in them, particularly of the canine variety.
Monique MacNaughton is the cartoonist for UNA Frontiers. UNA Frontiers is a serial strip that follows the life of Cyberna. Cyberna is a synthetic being, modeled after a dolphin, and created to be a bridge between the two species. Created in New Atlantis, an underwater city that survived the surface wars of the late 21st century, Cyberna is a marvel for the external society which has managed in 300 years to only make it up to 19th century technology. Cyberna was happy swimming in the warm seas and talking with her human friend Noah. Of course, this all changed when the revived Incan Empire (the government that controls the former continent of South America) stumbles upon New Atlantis and raids it for its technology. Fortunately for Noah and Cyberna, they were able to escape, and look for help on the outside world that might be able to save the city of new Atlantis. Matters get further complicated when Cyberna is captured by the UNA (The Union of North America) Coast Guard. Excited by this obviously rare and valuable technology, the UNA Coast Guard ships her off to the capital to I.S.S. headquarters for study. Not wanting to be exploited by those who would use her technology for personal gains at the expense of others, Cyberna worries about what will happen once she reaches her destination. Fortunately, Noah’s uncle had a few like-minded friends on the outside world, and they manage to rescue Cyberna from I.S.S. clutches. Now Noah has to attempt to find Cyberna while seeking the help of his uncle’s friends, in order to save his home and his family.
J. D. "Illiad" Frazer is the cartoonist who creates User Friendly. User Friendly is a serial strip that follows the lives of the employees of Columbia Internet, a medium sized Internet service provider. Columbia Internet is run by a man known to his employees as simply The Chief. The Chief, like some managers, is sometimes out of the loop of what his employees do, and this is due to either trusting him employees too much or not paying enough attention to their activities. Assisting him in financial decisions is the employee known simply as The Smiling Man. The Smiling Man is known as such due to his constant gleeful smile, even when he is delivering bad news to the employees. Pitr Dubovich is the administrator who is slowly trying to take over the world and become a true evil dictator. Mike Floyd is the system administrator and the person who everyone first comes to when something goes wrong with the network. The stress causes Mike to have a fierce caffeine addiction due to the fact that has to not only put up with the customers crashing the network, but also the blunders of Stef Murky, the Corporate Sales Manager. Stef doesn't really work well with computers, but feels that his position is far superior to the computer technician's position, so if anything goes wrong, he is more than happy to let them know. Stef's constant crashing of the network causes problems for Greg Flemming, the help desk technician a lot of problems as well, as he is the front-line support with the customers. To help handle all of the downtime, The Chief hired an additional technician, Miranda Cornielle, to keep the servers up and running. Finally, the last employee, A.J. Garrett, is the web technician who is in charge of maintaining the website and graphical content of Columbia Internet.
Clint Hollingsworth is the cartoonist who creates The Wandering Ones. The Wandering Ones is a weekly serial comic set in 2066 after humanity is starting to recover from a devastating plague. The Wandering Ones follows the lives of Ravenwing and her group of scouts as they train some members of the Yakima Nation to infiltrate Farnham's Empire. The Wandering Ones deals with a wide range of outdoors topics from how to track properly to basic survival skills in the forest. With how The Wandering Ones is set up, it allows us to see a possible future that mankind may be heading toward, and also educates us in how to better cohabitate with the planet.
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