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21st Century Fox

Scott Kellogg is the cartoonist who creates 21st Century Fox. 21st Century Fox is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a fox named Jack. The year is 2066, when man is no longer the dominant species on earth, but is in fact, only mentioned in history. Jack, is a technician skilled in fixing machines, and also does odd jobs for people. He loves cars and enjoys working with all aspects and ages of them. He is extremely non-confrontational, preferring to work out his problems by dialogue than by action, but when he has to, he’ll jump into the fray. He spends most of the time on the road with his giraffe friend, Cecil. Cecil is the software side of the duo; he spends a lot of the time diving into the Internet on his computer glasses. Cecil is a very friendly person, and is very open and ready to express his feelings and ideas, wherein Jack can be quite shy in social situations. Having joined the duo as a technical whiz is a female fox named Jenny Curtis. Jenny is quite the intellectual, already having a PHD in physics and even owns part of an aviation school, where she is a pilot. Having recently gotten out of an abusive relationship, she does tend to be shy around males (especially those she likes). This is something she has been working on, especially since she is growing rather fond of Jack.

Alien Dice

Tiffany Ross is the cartoonist who creates Alien Dice. Alien Dice is a serial strip that follows the life of a Rishan named Shira Lexx. Rishan’s are a genetically engineered race that was created from the human race. Hundreds of years ago, aliens came to Earth and captured numerous women, in order to harvest their offspring. They chose Earth to be their target due to its relative obscureness in the Galactic Order. The Rishans were developed for slavery, but after people found out where they came from, they were freed. This was not the end of the exploitation of the Rishan race. Most orphaned Rishans were taken by the ADC, the Alien Dice Corporation, and trained in numerous training academies in order to become “productive members of society”, when in reality, they were screening them to see which ones would be best suited for their game. Alien Dice was originally a game that rich people played by using special dice to augment animals and have them fight one another. This, over time, became boring, as animals only had so much intelligence and unpredictability. It was only a matter of time before they started using sentient beings in their game. Lexx is one of those people, and has become one of the best players in the game. The ADC makes a lot of money through the exploitation of the players, and through contracts that the players signed as children; they are not allowed to reveal anything until they are able to fight through three sets of collecting dice. Lexx is on his third set now, and everything was going smooth for him, until he ended up having to take a human girl named Chel with him on his last set. Now everything that defined Lexx’s world is changing. Lexx finds himself torn between living the life that he so desperately wants to have, and finishing the game so he will be alive or not a slave, in order to enjoy it.


Jeremy “Z-san” Forbes is the cartoonist who creates Anti-Bishie. Anti-Bishie is a serial strip that follows the life of a disillusioned office worker named Doug. Doug, or Anti as Tira calls him, is very pessimistic about the world and the people in it. Despite his better efforts, he usually gets dragged out of his own little world and into various social situations by his friend Tira. Tira is an open, social butterfly. She loves going out amongst people and enjoying herself. When she first met Doug, she called him Anti because he was pretty much the opposite of a pretty boy, and thus it stuck. Immediately, she wanted to show Anti the world and bring him out into it again, and if he wouldn’t come willingly, then she would drag him in, kicking and screaming. To this end, she drags him along with her to those places she loves, trying to show him how great the world is. Much to Anti’s dismay, Tira decides he will be accompanying her to YaoiCon a convention that celebrates male/male relationship anime. Of course Anti doesn’t want to go, but he has long since realized that when Tira wants to do something, it’s better off for him in the long run to follow along. This doesn’t mean that he won’t struggle; after all, he would rather be left alone to his own devices.
Antihero For Hire
Mark Shallow is the cartoonist who creates Antihero For Hire. Antihero For Hire is a serial strip that is set in the year 2144 and follows the life of a vigilante named Dechs Rashart. Dechs lives in the southern city of Triumph, just outside of the now totalitarian Canadian government's jurisdiction. The advancements in technology created a unique problem for Triumph City, with the advent of power suits, causing a new breed of criminal: the super villain. Triumph's answer was instituting freelance security contractors called superheroes to help supplement the beleaguered police forces by exclusively handling the super villain threat. Dechs is a card-carrying member of the superhero's guild, and is codenamed: Shadehawk. Dechs spends the majority of his time patrolling the city and fighting various criminals as a way of repressing his guilt over the deaths of his loved ones. Dechs has former ties with the Tera Corporation and when he appropriated one of their prized objects, they chose to have him liquidated, but botched the job and killed his loved ones plus an unlucky bystander. Thinking they had dispatched the problem, Tera Corp moved on to new plans and new developments, but Dechs refined his skills in order to extract his revenge upon those who wronged him. Dechs works with a skilled hacker nicknamed Wrench (Laria Moondale) who is his coordinator and outfitter of her own unique inventions that are customized for his fighting style. Dechs's past is now starting to catch up with him, as a mysterious stranger is starting to test his skills for an unknown reason, and with executives at Tera Corp learning about his continued existence.

Bad Blood

Liriel McMahon is the cartoonist who creates Bad Blood. Bad Blood is a serial strip that follows the life of a troubled young man named Jared Jacobs. Jared’s family life is like many others, he comes from a broken home, as his father was sent to prison early in Jared’s life, and his mother, Jo Ann, decided not to wait for him to get out of jail. Jo Ann started drinking heavily and soon became an alcoholic because she was unable to cope with her husband’s sudden and violent outburst at a family gathering, the prospect of raising two kids by herself, and having to jump back into the dating world in her thirties in order to make ends meet. She didn’t have much opportunity to meet eligible men by hanging out at bars, so the quality of her boyfriends noticeably went down the more she drank. This left Jared to look out for his younger sister, Justine, and having both of them to fend for themselves, especially as their mother’s boyfriends became more and more violent. Jared was able to take the brunt of anything that his life could dish out onto him, which left him a little jaded and fiercely independent. It was these qualities that attracted a vampire named Eve to Jared. She wanted to create a living vampire, and felt that Jared possessed the qualities suitable for him to sustain the vampiric change without dying in the process. Afterwards, Jared wandered, half-aware of his surroundings, and feeling a strange new urge to feed off of the blood of the living. Months later, Jared returns to his home to take his sister away from his mother’s current boyfriend, J.D., in order to protect her, but little does he know that during the time he was gone, Justine has been at J.D.’s “tender mercy”.
Bizarre Uprising
Steve "Razlo" Bailey and Erik "Yuji 28 Go" Paul are the cartoonists who create Bizarre Uprising. Bizarre Uprising is a serial strip that follows the life of a teenager named Mitsu Onin Yamora. Mitsu is a seemingly-average high school teen, living with only his mother after his father disappeared five years earlier. Like most teens, he is keenly aware of the opposite sex, and he mostly keeps himself occupied with anime, video games, and hanging out with his friends, Toki, Kalix, and Mika. Toki is Mitsu's best friend, and the two have a little rivalry of "one-upping" the other. Toki is overweight, and perhaps indulges a little more than he should, but he uses it as a method of combating his loneliness. Kalix used to be a stereotypical nerd, thick glasses, braces, abrasive personality, but all of that changed over one summer due to a growth spurt. Now Kalix enjoys his good looks and has his way with the girls about town, but is the change a natural one or not? Mika is intelligent, enjoying her gift of scientific knowledge as well as creativity. She is somewhat of an introvert, and because of a growing crush for Mitsu, finds it difficult express her feelings to him. Recently, Mitsu has come to realize that he is not a normal kid, but is a vampire (of sorts). Now Mitsu not only has to come with terms with high school life and growing up, but the fact that he needs blood to survive.
Blue Crash Kit
Rob Hamm, Cat Glewwe, and Shannon Henry are the cartoonists who create Blue Crash Kit. Blue Crash Kit is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the lives of a superhero trio. Blue, a panther/timber wolf hybrid, is impulsive and hardheaded, but this is probably due to his particular super powers. Blue goes by the superhero name Talon and has superhuman strength, agility, stamina, regenerative powers, toughened skin, and enhanced senses. Blue is the leader of the trio and often the first into battle, but a lot of the decisions are decided as a group. He lives in a house with his two mates, Crash and Kit. Crash, a tiger/Scottish wildcat/cheetah/? hybrid, who ends up being the voice of reason for the group, and sometimes has to act as a sort of mother for Blue and Kit. Crash is a psychic superhero by the name of Firecat, who can use her telekinetic powers to manipulate objects with her mind, fly, and use her pyrokinetic powers to create fire and bend it to her will. Crash spends a lot of her time working with computers and trying to write, but usually ends up getting dragged into Blue and Kit's random antics. Kit, a artic fox, is the youngest member of the trio, and acts as such, but behind her childlike antics is a great analytical mind that is constantly working. Kit goes by a wide variety of names, and constantly changes her superhero identity so often that the media finally gave up trying to keep up with her and dubbed her Enigma. Her powers are mystically based and allow her to change into any animal that she has observed in person. She enhances her abilities with martial arts and her uncle ha started training her with further developing her mystical powers. Kit throws herself headlong into life and enjoys everything to it's fullest, and if she could focus for long enough, she could become the strongest member of the team.
Bruno The Bandit
Ian McDonald is the cartoonist who creates Bruno the Bandit. Bruno the Bandit is a serial strip that follows the life of a bandit named Bruno Bunklyutz and his pet micro-dragon, Fiona. Bruno lives with his mother, Eunyce: Warrior Hottie, father, Ambrose, and his "bedridden" uncle (who's uncle, they don't even know), Lucius, in Suna, the capital city of Rothland. Bruno is a typical rouge in that he is constantly dreaming up new ways to get rich, but they never seem to go as planned. This is probably due to Fiona's sense of morality that tends to clash with Bruno's lack of scruples. If Bruno could, he'd happily sell his parents for pocket change, if he could make money on the deal. That's not to say that Bruno doesn't have his good qualities, but they tend to get overshadowed by his greed and lust for women. Typically he gets tricked into doing the right thing, and out of what he feels is his long-desired reward. He can be impulsive at times, but some of his plans are quite daring, if only he could successfully pull them off.


Jennifer Boeke is the cartoonist who creates Catharsis. Catharsis is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a woman named Gwenivere Ivy Dahlgren and her strange collection of roommates. Gwen was originally in a relationship with a guy for whom she moved away from the big city, to a quiet suburban town. Not long after she moved, she ends up being dumped by the very same person who she moved to be with. This didn’t really leave her alone, as she always was with her stalwart companion, a Labrador-sized dragon named Rremly. Rremly was the runt of a clutch of dragons that was hatched over 400 years ago, and not long after he hatched, he was sent off to live in a castle, as it was the custom at the time. Rremly wasn’t so much used for his dragon prowess as he was more used as a playmate for the princess. Rremly grew up with the princess, and developed his loyal and carefree personality, which he maintains to this day. He continues to act silly and impulsively for the amusement of Gwen, as she is easily in touch with her inner child and can romp with Rremly whenever real life doesn’t intrude on their time together. On a whim, Rremly “adopted” a squirrel named Baxter, who continually puts up a sour front, in spite of which has come to care for his newfound friends, even if he doesn’t show it often. Of course Baxter has to be careful of random biting attacks from three sentient balls of dust named Romulus, Remus, and Bitey, or from stealthy ninja attacks from the newly acquired kitten named Aya.

Clan Of The Cats

Jamie Robertson is the cartoonist who creates Clan of the Cats. Clan of the Cats is a serial strip that follows the life of a witch named Chelsea Urania Kate Chattan. Chelsea has always been a little bit uncomfortable about being different from her friends, but was able to take such things in stride. It was difficult for her to deal with the fact that she had another side to herself, her were-panther form. Chelsea comes from a long line of witches and lycanthropes from her mother’s side. Only female members of her family carry the trait and curse (such like her sister), but sometimes it skips generations. She is a natural lycanthrope, so for the most part, she can manage her bestial side, but sometimes that can be very difficult. Fortunately, she has her family and longtime friend and romantic interest, Alexander Jubal McRae. Jubal (as he prefers to be called) works at a local radio station as a DJ, and has been in love with Chelsea for a long time. He understood that she had some reluctance to date him, and with some of the unusual happenings that seem to surround her and her family, he can understand why. It takes a lot of phase Jubal, so when he finds out that Chelsea is a were-panther and a witch, it doesn’t matter to him, as all he can see if the woman who he loves. Chelsea finds that strange events start to occur more and more frequently to her, as she unravels more information about the curse and her ultimate destiny.

College Roomies From Hell

Maritza Campos-Rebolledo is the cartoonist who creates College Roomies From Hell. College Roomies From Hell is a serial strip that follows the lives of six friends who all go to the same college together. Michael Redford Green, Roger Pepitone, and Dave Jones met during freshman orientation and due to a room shortage they ended up rooming together in the same apartment. Mike is the dominant roommate, a trait he inherited from his parents, as he is the son of two wealthy and neurotic entrepreneurs. He dislikes people in general, and usually takes joy in making others lives miserable, much to the dismay of Roger and Dave. Roger, a were-coyote, is the most laid back of the three roommates, and enjoys going off in fits of nonsense (or perhaps rants that only make sense to himself and his twin sister). Dave is the kind of guy who feels that he can’t succeed in life, that his luck in general is horrible, and that the world is out to get him (something that he feels is reinforced over and over again). A similar room situation took place for Marsha Hart, Margaret B. Browning, and April Sommers, the other three friends, and they ended up in the same apartment building as Mike, Roger, and Dave. Marsha has learned to get by based on her good looks (if she uses them too often, she ends up attracting wildlife like a modern day Snow White), but has a savage temper if she feels that the object of her affections is potentially cheating on her, and does not hesitate to use near-lethal force to express her displeasure. Margaret has grown up with misfortune, having found that the Devil wants to make her his bride for the end times, she has developed her fighting prowess to a keen edge. She tends to be melancholy at times, since she feels that she cannot escape her fate, so she throws everything she has behind the single desire to live, by any means necessary. April from a family of circus entertainers, and she was brought up with high moral standards which sometimes rub her roommates the wrong way. She was the most naïve member of the group, but soon comes to see the world in a bitter light due to her experiences in college, feeling that good girls finish last, and changes her viewpoint appropriately.

Combustible Orange

Frank Gibson, Eric Vinyard, Becky Dreistadt, and Ben Frisch are the cartoonists who create Combustible Orange. Combustible Orange is a serial strip that follows the lives of two struggling cartoonists named Jack Datsun and Vinny Martini. Jack and Vinny create Barky the Bark Bark Cat’s Big Adventure in Washington, with Jack as the writer and Vinny as the artist. Their comic features the aforementioned Barky, a former children’s television show host, an angel named Harvey the Magical Fag, and a buffed up, alcoholic version of Jesus Christ nicknamed Super(hero) Demolition Christ. Once the comic idea was created, Jack and Vinny begin their trek to try and get the comic’s first printing rights sold to a comic publishing firm, such as Marvel, Image, DC, or anyone who will give them the time of day. Jack brims with creative ideas, but he tends to let his impulses get the better of him, and tends to act before he thinks. Vinny, a perfectionist by nature, tends to get very engrossed in his work, so much so, that he completely forgot he worked at a comic shop. Vinny usually has to stop Jack from doing too many of his over-the-top ideas, but sometimes needs Jack’s unrelenting push to spur him on to get the comic strip generating money. Like many of the cartoonists out there, Jack and Vinny are willing to compromise their artistic integrity in order to make a buck, as they try to search for new and fresh ideas to allow them to burst into the industry and make a lot of money.


Garth Cameron Graham is the cartoonist who creates Comedity. Comedity is a serial strip that follows the life of Garth, who is loosely based on the cartoonist. Garth constantly wages an internal struggle with the various personalities inside his head. Garth Prime, or Garth’s primary personality tries to keep order over the control of Garth’s body despite the desires and wishes of the other 47 distinct personality aspects that also occupy Garth’s head. Most of these personalities are kept in check, but from time to time they briefly emerge to spout incorrect random trivia, stealthfully sneak up on his friends, or ruthlessly compete against people in video games. Garth is art student and a self-proclaimed geek who tends to keep strangers at a distance, but enjoys using his knowledge of obscure trivia to come up with a wide variety of puns. Garth goes to college and lives in a dorm room with his roommate and friend, an architectural student named Larom. Larom is the more reserved of the two, but only because he doesn’t have a wide variety of personalities trying to get him to do various things all of the time. Karen, Garth’s only girlfriend who could stand up to his predilection towards puns, is very excitable, and because of such, tends to be clumsy and constantly trips over herself. She swoons over Garth’s “inner cool guy” and spends time trying to find ways to bring him out.
Tim Buckley is the cartoonist who creates Ctrl+Alt+Del. Ctrl+Alt+Del is a serial strip that follows the lives of three (technically four) roommates: Ethan, Lucas, and Scott (with his pet penguin, Ted). Like most struggling artists, Ethan has to work a full-time job to pay the bills, unfortunately, he spends most (if not all) of his paycheck at the video game store where he works. This is due to the fact that Ethan has very little self-control, is incredibly impulsive, and has a severe addiction to playing video games. His love for video games knows no bounds, so much so that he created a holiday for gamers called Winter-een-mas, where he proclaimed himself king. Ethan's antics and wild flights of fancy usually has to be kept in check by his best friend, Lucas, for without his help, Ethan would be jailed or worse. Lucas is very skilled with computers, and if he could calm Ethan down for a long enough period of time, they both would be a formidable pair, but for the moment, he has to subsist on his computer technician jobs, despite the fact that he hates interacting with the unwashed masses in general. Lucas has to be the realistic and grounded one in the apartment, lest chaos reign and Ethan set loose on the city in full force. Scott is an Linux programmer and aficionado. He keeps such a low profile that Ethan had no idea Scott was even living there until he saw him once in the kitchen. Scott's job and hobbies are just as mysterious as he is, as (for probably a good reason) he doesn't socialize too much with his roommates. Of the three, Scott is the most reserved, and therefore usually has a calm head when the situation escalates, but even he will go with the flow of Ethan's jaunts, all the while quietly moving his things to a safe distance.

Diesel Sweeties

R. Stevens is the cartoonist who creates Diesel Sweeties. Diesel Sweeties is a gag-a-day/serial strip that follows the lives of a loving couple. There is nothing very unusual about this couple, unless you think a large robot and a woman dating as "nothing unusual". They strive to keep their relationship going, despite what people might say, and really don't have many problems with the fact that Clango isn't human. Aside from the stigma against people dating and having sex with robots, Clango has other problems to deal with ranging from the jibes from Indie Rock Pete, to the rampaging tendencies of Red Robot #C-63.
Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire
Michael Terracciano is the cartoonist who creates Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire. Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire is a serial strip that follows the life of a seer named Dominic Deegan. At an early age Dominic learned that he had the power to see the future, but he soon learned that this made him special, yet an outcast at the same time. As he grew up, Dominic uses his gift of second sight to divine futures for money. This has probably made him a little cynical; as many of his customers ask him questions they probably could have answered on their own. At times his second sight works without his prompting, showing him visions of an unaltered future (meaning that he could still change it if he wished) that might be of importance to him. It's through these visions that he becomes entangled with another lonely soul by the name of Luna Travoria. Luna was born with slight tusks, a rare human birth defect, indicating that orcs were located somewhere in the Travorian bloodline. This constant reminder of a secret shame, coupled with the fact that her mother prided herself on being the fetching beauty with lovely daughters, prompted Luna's mother to enact a terrible plot. If Luna would end up killing herself after a visit from a Royal Knight of Callan, then the Callanese government would owe Luna's mother recompense for the death of her daughter. Her plan of belittling and diminishing her daughter's self esteem almost worked, if not for the timely intervention of Dominic. Dominic not only foiled Luna's mother's plot, but also managed to save Luna's live twice in the process. Perhaps sensing a kindred spirit, or because his second sight lead him to her, Dominic allowed the now abandoned Luna, to become his apprentice and help him in his theories of magical research. Now they travel together, their lives enmeshed with one another, as they continue trying to find a place of peace and quiet, but only if Dominic's visions will allow him to do so.

Dragon Tails

Tim Dawson is the cartoonist who creates Dragon Tails. Dragon Tails is a daily serial comic that follows the lives of eight young dragons. Left alone to fend for themselves in their forest hideaway, the dragons survive and wait until the day that they will be fully-grown dragons. Being stuck in a forest is pretty boring to most of the baby dragons, and despite the leadership of the eldest of the siblings, Enigma, they get is all sorts of trouble. The dragons have to deal with problems ranging from Bluey's inventions to going to the movies and dealing with the pesky humans, to a power-hungry squirrel who wants to take over the world.

El Goonish Shive

Dan Shive is the cartoonist who creates El Goonish Shive. El Goonish Shive is a serial strip that follows the lives of two best friends, Elliot and Tedd. Tedd isn't your typical teenager, as looks are deceiving. Due to his feminine facial features, Tedd wears glasses at all times, to help better define his gender. Being an intellectual like his father, he is intensely curious with machines of all sorts. So you could imagine the types of things he could get his hands on since his father works for a branch of government that covers up paranormal events. Tedd particularly enjoys indulging his fetishes through a gun that can change a person's very gender or even species. Elliot, being an athletic, outgoing kind of guy, looks after Tedd as well as has become best friends. Compared to Tedd, Elliot is an ordinary guy. If the ordinary guy took anime martial arts classes, and had strange battle aura driven fighting powers. Elliot is used to strange things happening around Tedd, as is his girlfriend Sarah. Sarah is a strong-willed individual who enjoys action movies, art, and spending time with Elliot. She tends to avoid confrontations, even though Elliot seems to look for them. They have become good friends with Tedd's new houstguest, named Shade Tail, or preferably Grace. Grace used to be a lab experiment that was run by a secret group trying to make super soldiers. The idea was to be able to make people able to shape-shift into hybridized animal/human forms to increase battle prowess. Once one experiment decimated the lab, Grace ran off on her own, and eventually to Tedd's father. Now hiding out from her fellow experiments, she has time to learn about the world around her and focus her affections on Tedd, much to his enjoyment.

Faux Pas

Robert & Margaret Carspecken are the cartoonists who create Faux Pas. Faux Pas is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a farm fox named Randy. Randy lives on a farmstead called Green Mountain Studio Animals, that trains and breeds animals for use in movies, advertisements, models, and other related gigs. After Old Man Hannover sold the place, the new owners, and the eventual horde of cats that followed (including the two cats that they actually owned), Randy has had to oversee the bookings for the jobs for all of the animals. Helping him manage the bookings and maintenance of the animals is his long-time friend, a hen named Myrtle. Myrtle has managed to pick up the skill of writing, and can pass off letters as human ones (though, she does have a notorious case of "Chicken Scratch" handwriting.). Now Randy has to deal with problems ranging from a horde of cats who like to torment him, to his new owners inability to manage the company, to jobs that tax him to no end. Fortunately, some relief in his life is the new female fox that he has met named Cindy.

Fight Cast Or Evade

Matt Trepal is the cartoonist who creates Fight Cast Or Evade. Fight Cast Or Evade is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the live and adventures of a fox named Yerzel. Yerzel was a huntsman for the king, until he was caught having a relationship with a doe! After being dismissed from his government job, Yerzel decided to go out and catch some of the “easy money” that is involved in adventuring. He managed to recruit quite an interesting ensemble of traveling companions: a ronin samurai rat named Mousashi Miyamoto; an elephant named Stillwell who's starting out as a thief; a skunk named Portia who happens to be a pretty good mage; and boar named Dozer who used to be a soldier from a far off land. With his crew, Yerzel goes off in search of treasure, adventure, and maybe even some romance?
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