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The Forge

Greg Dean is the cartoonist who creates The Forge. The Forge is a weekly serial strip that follows the life of a magical sword named Robert. Robert was made by a blacksmith named Blackwell Smythe, who disliked the flashy names of other magical swords, so named it with a name that would be easy to have a conversation with. Robert is displeased with the name, but prefers it to “Bob” that Smythe's son, Jacob, calls him. Robert dreams of being a famous sword and being wielded to perform great deeds of good, now all he needs is someone who can actually use him and would want to!


Damonk is the cartoonist who creates Framed!. Framed! is a daily serial/gag-a-day comic that follows the lives of four individuals that were tricked/captured being taken into Damonk's cartoon world, and now they are stuck there and at his mercy. Other cartoonists regularally visit or take over his comic at different times, Damonk himself has been stuck in the comic at different times. The people stuck in the comic have found that being a cartoon character is not all that it is craked up to be. Framed! poses the question of how people would fare living in a every-changing world where logic has no place, and most of all, a 'G'-rated world!

The Front

Jerzy Drozd is the cartoonist who creates The Front. The Front is a weekly serial strip that follows the life of a not-so-typical high school student named Thirston (Thirsty) Doyle. Thirsty is a loyal, good-natured kind of guy, who enjoys making wisecracks and snide remarks about things. Adopted by Rex Doyle at the tender age of four, Thirsty never knew his real parents, so this probably explains why he subconsciously tries to be the center of attention, yet remain unattached to the situation. Like most teens, he enjoys comic books, goofing off, “Tricky-bots”, and spends his time surfing through High School life. What makes Thirsty special is that he has a strange ability to absorb almost any kind of energy. He doesn't know the full extent of his powers, being skittish to experiment with potentially lethal energies. A side-effect of his power, he doesn't produce melanin, so Thirsty has shock white skin. Fortunately, Thirsty doesn't have to feel too freakish about his special ability, his two friends; Gibson Marcus VanBuren and Knox Samuel Centerdrive also have their share of strange abilities. Gibson, a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, has the ability to change almost any substance to any elemental metal for a short amount of time. Unfortunately, Gibson isn't bright enough to utilize all of the possibilities of such a power, let alone its side effect: The ability to see the molecular structure of non-living materials. So Gibson uses his power to help out his friends, but usually at inopportune times, or screws up when he uses it. Fortunately, Thirsty and Knox have been friends with Gibson for a long time, so they either overlook Gibson's shortcomings, or avoid him for a while. Knox, Thirsty's foil and laid-back compatriot, has the ability to withstand kinetic energy. While he can be hurt by friction or other forces, this power makes him almost invulnerable to physical attacks. Knox prefers to observe the situation and not be confrontational about things, which is probably why his girlfriend, Nina, literally hangs on him all the time. Unbeknownst to the boys, they are about to be dragged into a conflict that will overshadow everything else in their life, and change their lives forever.

Ghost 2138

Alex Abdoulaev and Greg M. are the cartoonists who create Ghost 2138. Ghost 2138 is a serial strip that follows the life of a jazz bar pianist named Alex “Ghost” LaCroix. Alex lives with his sister Shelly LaCroix in an apartment located in a ghetto in DC Prime. Alex dreams of a better life than the one he was dealt. He doesn't like having to spend his nights playing for change in a seedy jazz bar, while his sister has to work for Microsoft to help them survive. Alex dreams he's a roguish hero called Ghost, who does battle with the forces of evil on a daily basis, and walks away without a scratch. He usually wakes up from his dreams when someone interrupts him or when a shocking display of violence interferes with his dream. Shelly is Alex's anchor to reality, for without her, he would have no real reason to participate in reality, and would retreat to the fantasy world. The thing is, Alex is slowly noticing that he is becoming more and more like his dream persona, such as when he is able to fend off a group of punks from robbing a store. Not really sure what it means, Alex tends to dismiss it as being part of the fantasy world that he retreats to. It seems though, that either other people are being drawn into his fantasy world, or that the fantasy is starting to blur with reality. What this means, Alex is not sure of, but one thing's for sure, Alex's life is sure to get more interesting from now on.

Hero Fur Hire

Andrew Graham and Ian Smith are the cartoonists who create Hero Fur Hire. Hero Fur Hire is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a cheetah named Djet Munroe. Djet is a student at the local HERO High, a high school comprised of other students gifted with super powers. Djet is like any normal teenager, except when he wants something, he can back up his words with his ability to increase or decrease localized friction at will. Despite that fact, Djet is a laid-back sort of guy, enjoying the company of women, and hanging out with his pal, a turtle named Speedy. Speedy tends to be tense a lot of the time, (probably because Djet drags him off onto various adventures or makes him the victim of several of his schemes) but usually doesn't take too much coercing to go along with Djet and enjoy himself. Speedy has the ability to slow down time around him, in order to give the appearance that he is speeding up. Djet's cousin, a tiger named TJ Munroe, works for Fur11 Communications as the project manager. TJ is very reserved, maintaining a cool business-like attitude at all times, but if you rile him, watch out. TJ usually has a lot of work to do; fortunately he has an apt staff of qualified individuals, such as his good friend, a rabbit named Happy Bunny. Happy Bunny is the account manager of Fur11 Communications by day, and by night is the dark crusader of justice.

...Hey Suburbia

Lizzy Rosstop the artist known as “Rocky Foxtop” is the cartoonist for …Hey Suburbia. …Hey Suburbia is a strip in the gag-a-day format (having no overall storyline, but maintains the cast of characters) that follows the life of a teenager named Liz. Liz likes to sit back and observe life, and equally enjoys making witty comments as well as off-the-wall ones. Usually outgoing around her friends, Liz is not afraid to voice her opinions on various issues that she feels strongly over. Being prone to bouts of mischievousness, she usually enjoys playing harmless pranks on her sister, Leigh. Leigh is a bundle of energy, bouncing off of the walls, and spouting random words as she assaults her sister. They look up to their younger brother Matt, who is a master of many skills (such as cooking and music). They respect him for following his own beliefs (even when they go contrary to popular style) and his favorite bands. Liz’s friend, Allie, shares many of the same traits as Liz, but is a little bit more laid-back when strangeness occurs, such as when her class hamster Angelina grew larger than her. Angelina is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities) hamster who likes hummus. Liz takes all of these things in stride, even as more odd things slowly start to occur around her.

Hound's Home

Ryan Duchane is the cartoonist who creates Hound's Home. Hound's Home is a serial comic strip that follows the life of a high school student named George Glass. George is an introvert who is very unhappy with the way his life is going, but is too timid to do anything about it. Which is probably why he gets pushed around by his pets (two cats named Sandy and Giblet), his friend Chuckle Hound, most of his fellow students, most teachers, even by most people he comes across. It's almost as if people can sense that George is a pushover and thus take advantage of him. George has other problems than school, ranging from aliens taking over California to his search for a girlfriend.

Hunter's Key

R. Ross and L. Neal are the cartoonists who create Hunter's Key. Hunter's Key is a serial strip set in the 23rd century and follows the life of a scientist named Kia Kruz. Earth has expanded out into the interstellar community, meeting many new races, such as: The Vix, a fox-like mercantile race (introduced to the general human population at the end of 2200); The Zards, a reptilian warrior-caste race (introduced to the general human population 15 years after the Vix); as well as Halflings, or the mixed-breeds (the results of a Vix-Zard/Vix-Human/Zard-Human pairing). Kia is the daughter of the famous genetic engineer Jacob Kruz. Kia is trying to piece together why her father was murdered as a traitor before her very eyes by a hunter (a group of freelance or corporate assassins that work under the governmental establishment called The United). Trying to follow up on her father's work (and perhaps see what was more important than his family), Kia sets off into space. Kia is a brilliant scientist in her own right, and can be a little whimsical at times. Perhpas that's why she took in Mikey, a 14 year-old would-be thief who tried to steal her purse. Mikey, on the run from two bounty hunters named Ober and Puck, and his past. While he delights in pranking Puck and Ober, he is confused at Ober's lieniency toward him. He and Kia are now traveling together, ducking the bounty hunters, and Kia's rapidly approaching past.


Charlotte is the cartoonist who creates Incubus. Incubus is a serial strip that is set in the turn of the century for the 1900's, and follows the life of Ramla Mouette. Ramla comes from what would be a middle classed family of the period, but their family carries a mild social stigma. Ramla's father came from a French Colony in Africa, and being of noble blood, this was usually favorable, but being from a colony in Africa makes him somewhat of an outsider. Despite their opposition to the idea, Ramla's mother married her father, and because of such, suffered a blow to their social standing. Ramla was born carrying some of her mother's weak blood, but also received one of her gifts from her family's ancestry. Ramla gained an insight into things, similar to a sixth sense. This pleased her mother, but because of their social standing she knew that her daughter would not have the advantages that were afforded to her when the time came for Ramla to marry. It pleased her parents when they received an offer from the Mouette family for Ramla's hand in marriage to their son, Guy Mouette. The Mouette family was one of the most powerful and influential families in the area, so it was quite a surprise that they would want to join their families together. Of course, Ramla complied with her parent's wishes, and knew that this would probably be the best lot for her in life, let alone help ease her burden on her family. Now that Ramla is married to Guy, and entwined with one of the most powerful families in the land, it seems that her problems should be over as her future is secure. This is not the case, however, for it seems she traded one set of normal social problems for a whole new batch of supernatural ones!

Jackie's Fridge

BJ Hiorns is the cartoonist who creates Jackie's Fridge. Jackie's Fridge is a serial strip that follows the life of a technical writer named Jackie Touessant. Jackie recently moved into a new apartment, but ended up losing most of her things to a crooked moving company. Jackie is an open individual in some respects, but her insecurities toward her looks and height keep her from finding someone to have a relationship. This doesn't bring her down that much, as she has filled her life with newfound friends and a oddity that she found when moving into her apartment. She found that her refrigerator is intelligent and actually can talk to her. She hasn't really gone too far into the why's and how's of such an event, but feels comforted that at least her friend Ada Fochs can hear the refrigerator as well. Ada is easily an outgoing and purposeful woman, and being black and of irish descent, she brings a certain freshness into Jackie's life. Ada introduces Jackie to Melissa Yokote, one of the fellow tenants of the apartment. Melissa is warm and friendly, and almost never seems to get angry or sad, despite having lost her sight to a disease when she was young. Through Melissa, Jackie met the surprisingly intelligent and insightful, Virginia "Gin" DeCamp. Gin is only four years old, but already acts in many respects like an adult due to her parent's neglect toward her. Fortunately Gin has found pseudo-parents through everyone, especially from Melissa and her friend, Shannon Miller. From the first moment Shannon lays his eyes on Melissa, he was smitten, but cannot muster the nerve to tell her, since she is married. Complicated yet? Follow these and many other threads as you weave your way through Jackie's Fridge.

The Japanese Beetle

Dave "The Knave" White is the cartoonist who creates The Japanese Beetle. The Japanese Beetle is a serial comic that follows the life of Ken Watanabe who is also the superhero known as The Japanese Beetle. Ken is a college student (who oddly enough never really attends class) who became a superhero to make picking up women easier. Despite his initial reasons, Ken has held his own and stopped many a threat against Skyline City. Ken has to do battle with a variety of villains from a group of panda bears who are under the influence of Mao Tse Tung's teachings called The Monsters of Socialism, to a Communist supervillainess named Kremlina Stalinova, to a supervillian who tries to use food in his attempts to take over mankind, named The Frenchman.

Jaxxon's 11

Michael Russell and David Stroup are the cartoonists who create Jaxxon's 11. Jaxxon's 11 is a serial strip that follows the life of a leupis carnivorus (picture a large green rabbit) space smuggler named Jaxxon. Jaxxon is a shrewd operator, for not even a day after he gets out of the Spice Mines of Kessel, he is already planning a new way to make money. Hooking up with his former compatriot-in-crime, Han Solo, he fills him in on the details of the job. Jabba's Palace (now Jabba's Palace and Casino) now being reduced to a tourist trap for the curious, houses a rare Jedi artifact known as the Splinter of the Mind's Eye, the Kaiburr Crystal. With such a rare artifact as the prize, and the chance of getting revenge on Bib Fortuna, Jabba's former right-hand man and owner of the casino, Han finds he has no problem joining in on the caper. In order to pull off this daring heist and make it out alive, Jaxxon and Han have to search out other potential members who look similar to the original group who defeated Jabba in the first place in order for Jaxxon's plan to succeed. Now with just some time, patience, and a little ingenuity, they might just be able to pull this job off.

Joe Average

Aaron H. Holm is the cartoonist who creates Joe Average. Joe Average is a serial strip that follows the life of an average college student named Joe. Joe is your common, average, every-day kind of guy, and used to have one of the worst cases of bad luck ever. Everything seemed to be going against him, until he woke up in bed with a woman asleep beside him. After what could have very easily been a one-night-stand between the two of them, they decided to try dating to see if there was any spark there between them. Now, Joe is immensely happy with his new girlfriend, Gwen O'Malley, as reciprocates the feelings for him as well. For now at least, things seem to be going up for Joe, but that is not to say that he has no problems. After all of the years of bad luck, Joe is plagued with insecurities and self-doubt over the future of the relationship, which could end up be what sinks it! If that wasn't bad enough, Joe's friend Marta, whom Joe had been trying to get together with for years before, has noticed Joe no longer is a gloomy guy, and finding qualities she likes in him. Now she is trying to figure out what to do about the situation, since it seems that Gwen and Joe are pretty serious about one another. Joe finally has the relationship he has been desiring for so long, but who knows what will happen when he finds out that Marta likes him now.

Just Another Vice

Roger Sims is the cartoonist who creates Just Another Vice. Just Another Vice is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the lives of two former woodland inhabitants, a bear named Trout, and a grey-furred animal named Tac (species undetermined). Trout is a semi slow-witted kind of guy, and it doesn't help that he is drunk half of the time, and looking for a beer the other half. He's very impulsive and tends to act on his whims, but fortunately has the level-headed Tac to balance him out. Tac tends to look out after Trout the way a relative looks after a child. He maintains a large supply of patience, and tries to not get too upset when Trout or their little adopted monkey, Komo, gets in trouble. Trout and Tac used to live in the large forest outside of town, and spent many a day raiding campers tents for cans of beer and various things to furnish their cave. After one day packing up and heading to the big city, Trout happened upon a large amount of cash, and they found an apartment that was accepting animal tenants. Fortunately, their roommate Jessie doesn't mind that they are sentient animals living with him, as long as they pay their share of the rent, he can put up with about anything. Unfortunately for him, he also has to put up with Teddy crashing at the apartment “just until he finds a new place”. This arrangement works for all parties involved, but can lead to some pretty interesting situations when the animal world and the human world are forced to coexist with one another.


Landon Porter and Rebecca Scholz are the cartoonists who create Ledgermain. Ledgermain is a weekly serial strip that follows the lives of three adventurers. Blaise, a human thief, was recently accepted into a thief’s guild, but before he could be fully inducted, he must complete a rite of passage. The rite of passage that Blaise is charged to complete is to seek out the legendary Third Eye Ring, and return with it to the guild. Only then could he become a full-fledged member, with all the rights thereof. Picking up what scant rumors and tidbits of information in historical documentation, he finds that the sorceress Arumoria is rumored to possess the Third Eye Ring, and that she lives in the city of Evelle. Packing up onto the journey, he sets off, posing as a noble knight, he hopes that he can complete his quest without problems. He encounters two fellow travelers on the road, and simply because one is a beautiful maiden, he helps them fend off a goblin attack. Unbeknownst to Blaise and her fellow companion, the maiden is really a veteran thief named Cai. She too seeks the Third Eye Ring, but to use its enormous profit potential to retire on. She poses as a lady-in-waiting and easily duped a real holy knight, an elf named Darton. Darton’s beliefs are similar to the stereotypical knight’s code, smiting infidels, protecting the weak and abused, and fighting evil (or at least what he views as evil). Darton travels with Cai because he believes she is a lady-in-waiting, and therefore cannot protect herself on the way to Evelle. He is thrilled to meet a “fellow knight” in Blaise, while Blaise sees Darton as an easy mark to help protect him on the dangerous road to Evelle. Unbeknownst to the band of adventurers, the cat-girl, sorceress Arumoria, seeks power, but lacks the needed experience to wield said power. This is where the party comes in. She plans on increasing her power by practicing being evil through deeds against the group of adventurers.


Po Shan Cheah is the cartoonist who creates Limpidity. Limpidity is a bi-weekly, anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), gag-a-day strip that follows the lives of two roommates, a fox named Morton and a rabbit named Max. Morton and Max live in the suburbs where all sorts of things end up happening, ranging from trees trying to hurt people by falling on them, to aliens landing, to even wearing a bucket on your head being considered high fashion.

Little Saiyalings

Clarence D Cuasay is the cartoonist who creates Little Saiyalings. Little Saiyalings is a weekly serial strip that is a fancomic of the popular anime series, Dragonball, but if they were originally children. Little Saiyalings follows the life of Goku, a member of a human-like race named Saiyans. Goku and his human pal, Kurilin, are inseparable pals. They have to deal with a young girl android named #18 and her plans to take over the school and force the boys into hard labor. Aside from #18, Goku has to deal with problems ranging from Bullma's inventions, to avoiding Chi-Chi's affections and to even fend off a Saiyan bully named Vejita.

Luminosity Pro

Jason Kim and the cartoonist known as Wind-X are the creators of Luminosity Pro. Luminosity Pro is a serial strip that follows the life of Shinsuke Komei. Shin is a member of marketing for a company called Luminosity Productions Inc. Shin is pretty much a normal guy, if a normal person had the ability to manipulate all forms of light energy. Shin acts pretty cool at times, even having snappy remarks for various situations, but finds himself sorely lacking in the relationship department. This changes somewhat when he meets Krystella Hidaka, a financier for the company. Shin now finds that he has someone to pursue, even if he forgot about her for several months and now she has a boyfriend named Hideaki Murata, who works for the competition and who just happens to want Shin dead. Hide has a mysterious darkness power that corrupts people as well as injures them. In a battle between Shin and Hide, Shin was stabbed in the heart with a blade of darkness that infected his very being. Now Shin has two distinct personalities, one good and the other bad. The negative personality coming out when he consumes anything with caffeine in it. This wouldn't be too bad if he didn't have an addiction for coffee. Fortunately he has the aid of his three friends to see him through these problems. Shouji is Shin's wisecracking friend from high school, who tries to get Shin to loosen up and enjoy himself. Naoko is usually the one Shin goes to when he wants a more mature response to his problems, but at times ends up poking fun at him. Finally there is Jeff, the coworker who wishes he was Japanese, and attempts to imitate Japanese culture at all times.


Steve Troop is the cartoonist who creates Melonpool. Melonpool is a daily serial comic strip that follows the lives of a group of stranded aliens on Earth. The aliens are as follows: Mayberry Melonpool, the captain of their ship, the Steel Duck; Ralph Zinobop, a coffee-loving alien that happens to be a incredible engineer; Sam T. Dogg, a telepathic dog-like alien who is the navigator; Sammy the Hammy, a five foot, 220 pound talking hamster, who is also the Steel Duck's “engine”; Roberta Smeffinfeffer, the same species as Mayberry and is the ship's doctor; and Ralphie Zinobop, a good clone of Ralph. The crew of the Steel Duck is trying to get the Steel Duck operational so that they can end up going home, but that doesn't mean that this is their only problem. The aliens have to solve other problems ranging from evading human notice of their extraterrestrial backgrounds to earning enough money to buy parts for the ship.

Milestown USA

James Point Du Jour is the cartoonist who creates Milestown USA. Milestown USA is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a raccoon named Miles. Miles starts out being a mildly content raccoon, having a job, a girlfriend, and good friends, yet he didn't take any risks due to his fear of being “run over” by fate. It doesn't take fate long to kick Miles, however, when he loses his girlfriend to a handsome, playboy raccoon. He then decides that he hates his job, and quits it to pursue a career in art. Fortunately, Miles has a good friend to go through the rough times with, an acrophobic (fear of heights) woodpecker named Cobb. Cobb never learned to fly due to his acrophobia, but does attempt to learn, with disastrous results. Finally, fate seemed to cut Miles a break when he won a lottery he didn't even know that he entered, and won fifty million dollars. Although, it seems that fate isn't going to let Miles rest for long...
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