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Casey Young is the cartoonist who creates Altermeta (Sex, Dragons, and Rock and Roll). Altermeta (Sex, Dragons, and Rock and Roll) is a serial strip that follows the lives of some typical Kuvrahk teenagers from the planet Cavris. Tabitha (or T-square if you value your life and limbs) is a female blue Kuvrahk who enjoys drawing, and usually is found carrying around her signature T-square. Of course her T-square isn’t just used for drawing, as Tabitha has a lightning trigger when someone says something that annoys her, and her skill of using her trusty T-Square in battle is quite formidable. She usually hangs around with her partner-in-crime, a male, green Kuvrahk named Sasha. Sasha, like most teenagers is struggling to find his identity, and usually has problems with some people’s perceptions of who he should be and what he should do (like his gym teacher). This causes him to be a little self-conscious, but when he is among his friends, whom he feels accepted, and then he opens up as a rambunctious, creative ball of energy. He sometimes has a little bit of a problem with his over-active imagination, when various objects around his house start talking to him, but he tries to keep it from getting to him. His best friend, a female pink Kuvrahk named Josephine, is an aspiring actress, the portrait of physical beauty. She can be a little scatterbrained at times, forgetting little things that aren’t too important to her world, but always remembers the important stuff, and is loyal to her friends. Rutherford (he prefers to be called Ruth) is the self-proclaimed intellectual of the group, and has some minor neurotic tendencies towards having to have everything done just the way he likes it. Of course he always is talking about something, and usually his main topic of discussion is how the others aren’t living up to his high standards.
Angry Zen Master

Jamie Noguchi is the cartoonist who creates Angry Zen Master. Angry Zen Master is a comic in the gag-a-day format (having no overall storyline, but maintains the cast of characters) that follows the life of the artist, Jamie, and his brother, Mat. Mat works for Bungie Studios (the makers of Halo), while Jamie is a freelance artist. Mat’s nickname is the Angry Zen Master, since he spends so much of his time in an angry state if mind and wields his anger like a knife against those who invoke his ire. Patti, Mat’s significant other, is only person Jamie has met that could not only withstand his brother’s anger, but also hold her own against him. Jamie loves going to the movies or interacting with past and current pop culture. He spends a lot of time talking about either topic with his brother or his girlfriend, Audrey. Usually Jamie is disappointed with the quality of movies that are being produced, as feels the mainstream Hollywood movie studios just rehash old ideas for unsuspecting consumers. Despite Jamie’s negative stance towards most movies, Audrey enjoys going with him, and can even manage to keep him silent for the duration of the film. Since Jamie tends to be very vocal and animate about his feelings, he can go off on tangents, explaining why a particular movie didn’t meet his expectations (much to the annoyance of his brother). Jamie and Mat are like most brothers, they play pranks on one another, disagree on things, or harp on one another, but they can find common ground to unite against, such as their War on Shitty Movies.

Blue Canary

Kathryn White is the cartoonist who creates Blue Canary. Blue Canary is a weekly serial strip that follows the lives of four college students. The cast is as follows: Amelia Peach, a naive freshman who lets her imagination run away with her from time to time, which is evident in her imaginary protector brought to life, Ferdinand; Odile von Creepenstein is Amelia's new roommate who's family traces back to Transylvania and a powerful family of vampire hunters with magic flowing through their veins; Max Carter, a friend of Amelia's from high school, he is pretty happy-go-lucky with the events that spring up, as the knowledge of a real vampire in the dorm doesn't faze him, only the knowledge of Ferdinand being brought to life that bothers him; and Miles Tugogh, Max and Amelia's friend from high school who rooms with Max in college, he's a video game purist, preferring to stick with the beginning systems rather than going for the newer cutting edge systems. The five of them (including the newly brought-to-life Ferdinand) have to deal with things ranging from a living skeleton in Odile's closet, to the hall director of the dorm being a vampire, to even cafeteria food.

Bob 'N' Ed

Alan Cooper is the cartoonist who creates Bob 'N' Ed. Bob 'N' Ed is a serial/gag-a-day comic strip that follows the lives of two roommates, oddly enough, named Bob and Ed. Bob and Ed are just two normal college students who get thrown into one strange adventure after another. From meeting Mulder & Scully, to learning under Qui-Gon Jinn & Obi-Wan Kenobi, they have their hands full. Even then, Bob and Ed also have multitudes of problems to face, such as alien kidnapping, to vampires, to even just relationships.


Charles Crawford is the cartoonist who creates Bookwyrms. Bookwyrms is a serial strip that follows the lives of two young women, named Gwendolyn Nightengale and Drusilla. Gwendolyn is a descendent of an ancient warrior clan called the Shak'nai, and is skilled in their many fighting arts. Now, as she has gotten older, she decided to go to a wizard's college to help round out her skills, as well as have something to do. She is very amorous with men's attentions, but finding that they don't hold her attention for long. Ralston, one of the teachers at the academy, has seemed to manage to hold her attention lately, however. Unfortunately, during one of their rendezvous, Ralston was caught by one of the senior members with Gwen under his desk. Rather than getting kicked out for sleeping with one of his students, he tries to pass off the fact that she is there as the idea that Gwen is applying for the position of assistant librarian, thinking that no one else would take the job. Unfortunately, Drusilla, a former bouncer rumored to be a demigod (she's actually a half-ogre, but nobody believes it), needed a job and took the other assistant position. After a minor spat between the two women over some past problems, they now have to go collect overdue books from various mages. Unfortunately, most of these books shouldn't have been lent out in the first place, and the mages might not be too keen on giving them back. Faced with the daunting task of retrieving all of the books (and collecting any said late fees), the unlikely pair is forced to work together to solve their mutual problem/job.
Bottle Rocket Chronicles
Robert McClurkan is the cartoonist who creates Bottle Rocket Chronicles. Bottle Rocket Chronicles is a comic in the gag-a-day format (having no overall storyline, but maintains the cast of characters) that follows the life of a superhero known as: Bottle Rocket. Bottle Rocket is a mid-ranking superhero that fights crime around Metro City, but at the end of the day he ends up going home to live with his normal family. Bottle Rocket doesn't have a secret identity, so he can freely wear his costume or use his powers around the house in order to help him "cheat" with his parenting duties. Bottle Rocket finds that his normal life can be more taxing than fighting villains and trying to save the day, as he is very good at his job, but finds it hard to handle everything that his wife does at home. Fortunately for Bottle Rocket, his kids are accustomed to their father being clueless when it comes to normal things; so they are willing to lend a hand when need be. Bottle Rocket's sidekick, Puffy Cloud also lends a hand with fighting crime and sometimes pitches in to help his superbuddy get used to a normal life on the side.


Ben Bridenbaughis the cartoonist who creates Braarwood. Braarwood is a serial strip that follows the life of the citizens of Crag City. Majistar Saarinard De Umphey is the Majistar of Crag City. A Majistar is an elected official that enforces the laws of the land and maintains the peace in Crag City. Saarinard was a noble by birth, but found the easy life was a little too easy for him. So he decided to travel and find meaning in his dull life. After serving the previous Majistar by doing various errands for him, he took over the mantle of Majistar when the former retired. He works with and is courting the Countess Eileen Del Soya, a minor noble who makes a living training beast-people to be slaves or servants. Eileen also maintains a contingent of goblins to run her manor, of which, a goblin named Ogilac is a part of. Ogilac is Grilmac's older brother, who works for a living, while Grilmac spends his free time trying to find any female that he is attracted to, and breed with it. In addition, Grilmac tries to steal shoes from his victims due to having a fetish with ladies shoes. Grilmac generally has to keep on the run from all the people he has assaulted, so he can't in one place for too long, much to his brother's relief.
Building 12
Chris Hazelton is the cartoonist who creates Building 12. Building 12 is a serial strip that follows the life of a freshman college student named Joe. Joe is an easygoing kind of guy who lets himself be pushed around by they others, but he doesn't seem to mind it too much. Joe has recently enrolled in Atica College, and has received his building assignment. Joe has been assigned to building 12, a dorm room that is a mile away from the main campus, where the administration tends to stick the troublemakers, the crazy people, and the slackers. This is probably partially because the administration wants to make sure that the parents see only the cream of the crop walking around the campus, and partially due to their ineptitude. However it came about, now Joe lives with at least ten other students in the co-ed dorm. When Joe meet his roommate Jack, he is surprised to find that the dorm actually is under-crowded, and then unceremoniously tossed into another room to himself. Jack is the dilettante of the dorm, taking everything, but specializing in nothing (academic related that is), and spends most of his time picking up women. Jack introduces Joe to the other members of the dorm, and are as follows: Craze, a high-strung individual with a taste for guns and violence, a philosophy and military history major; Sarah, a dabbler in the arcane arts who enjoys pushing Craze's buttons almost as much as he likes pushing hers, a parapsychology and invertebrate biology major; Brian, a would-be scientist who makes an assortment of gadgets from various materials that are around the dorms; Iron, a video game addict who doubles as a test pilot for Brian's inventions; Alex, the only real studious one in the lot, and even manages to make it to classes; Gurney, a tv addict who can't break away from his shows for even a conversation; Yuki, a girl who sometimes takes innocent questions the wrong way and responds with violence. With roommates like this, who knows what's in store for Joe in the future?
Casey and Andy
Andy Weir is the cartoonist who creates Casey and Andy. Casey and Andy is a serial strip that follows the lives of four roommates, Casey Grimm, Mary MacTavish, Satan, and Andy Weir. Casey is a genius of an inventor who leads a double life as the evil Professor X who frequently tries to take over the world with his various devices. If it wasn't for Andy's interference or blunders, he would be successful in his efforts, but he has been able to retain control of France. From his birth, Andy was destined for doing such great evil acts and supernaturally blessed, that Satan herself (as Satan can take on many forms and was once sexless as an arch-angel) took notice. Due to Andy's constant dabbling into blasphemous secrets of the occult, he has become very insane, and prone to erratic behavior. Like Casey, he also dabbles in mad science, which was what brought them together as friends, but also causes friction between the two of them. In addition, Casey's girlfriend and roommate, Mary, is another source of friction, as Andy has an irrational hatred for her that has become mutual. Mary strives for a normal, pun-free household, but finds it difficult when Casey and Andy are constantly fighting amongst themselves, going on wacky adventures, creating destructive gadgets, or when she tries to talk "girl talk" with Satan. Satan is the biblical figure, who was cast out of heaven by God, and rules the underworld. Having watched Andy from birth, Satan grew to love Andy for all of his sinful deeds and lack of remorse, but is still Satan, and can be a handful at times. Rounding out the house is Cujo, Andy's cat, who has a complete disregard for everyone and everything, but still shows his affection, in his own way.

Chrono Trigger Rip-Off

Mark and Tom are the cartoonists who create Chrono Trigger Rip-Off. Chrono Trigger Rip-Off is a serial strip that follows the lives of three popular video game characters from Chrono Trigger. Chrono is the de facto leader of the group, who is quick to the punch, and actually has a speaking role in this comic. He enjoys the fact that he is a very high level and can eliminate most enemies with only a few blows. He ends up traveling with Marle, a princess from Gardinia Kingdom who joined Chrono in the quest to destroy Lavos, and then to the past when her pendant is stolen before she got a chance to sell it. She planned to sell it since she is always looking to new methods of making large amounts of cash quickly. She also has designs on including Chrono in her future, since she is secretly in love with him, but what she doesn't know is that Chrono feels the same. Along for the ride, they took Robo, a robot they met during their quest to destroy Lavos in a jaunt to their possible future. Now, they are in the world of Final Fantasy IV, and are searching for the one who stole the pendant. What they don't know is that Magus overpowered their friends at the planar gate and followed them into the new world.

Crazy As A Fox

Matthew W. Peters is the cartoonist who creates Crazy As A Fox. Crazy As A Fox is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), weekly serial strip that follows the life of a well-to-do fox named Douglas T. Foxworthy. Set in the early 1900's in the quaint little suburb of Woodland Clearings, in the Midwestern United States. Life in Woodland Clearings is not as bright and as cheery as one would hope, ever since Professor Sinister Swineheart started his crooked dealings in town. Professor Swineheart has stolen the mayor's precious jewels, but fortunately the police commissioner, Bartholomew Lupine is on the case. Of course he is going to receive some help from Douglas Foxworthy, no matter if he likes it or not! Douglas Foxworthy is a well-to-do dilettante, who tries to do what he feels is his duty as a United States citizen, and solve the crime. Fortunately he has his trusty butler and sidekick, Percival Tuskworthy, to aid him. Only if his love life was as easy as working on the case, since he has trouble telling his sweetheart Vixie Merryweather, how much he feels for her.

Cup Of Suffering

Zane Lyon & Patrick Mcrae are the cartoonists who create Cup of Suffering. Cup of Suffering is a serial strip that follows the life of four roommates. Alex, the schemer of the group, he usually has a pessimistic view of humanity, which is probably why he enjoys tormenting them. You'll usually find him drinking his favorite soda, the cup of Suffering. He has suicidal tendencies at times, and as such, this is what brings him back (yes back) to hell. Kubo, a gamer by nature, sometimes gets the lines between reality and fantasy blurred, and ends up trying to kill various people for fun. Sometimes he has game-related hallucinations, which drive him to run around spouting video game quotes while trying to “gain more points”. The Twins, Daniel and Richard, strive to be avid fans and game players in their respective genres. One dresses up as Han Solo from Star Wars, the other as an officer from Star Trek, but the thing they can both agree on is that they enjoy to torture other people from time to time. Now they have to face Alex's dark rule as the new leader of Hell, while Kubo enjoys his job as a torturer. What trouble will the little scamps get into next?
The Designersaurs
Joanne Travers is the cartoonist who creates The Designersaurs. The Designersaurs is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a stegosaurus named Zorr. Zorr is a Russian-born designer for a tech firm in England. Zorr is a brilliant scientist (when properly motivated), but because of his clumsiness and habit of eating the office equipment, he usually gets used as a test subject. Zorr has a habit of eating, and tends to be bribed into testing potentially dangerous machines, much to the amusement of the head of the design team, a Diplodocus named Des. Des is a no-nonsense kind of boss, and is constantly irritated with Zorr and the problems that follow him (such as Zorr's Russian-speaking brother). He prefers to keep Zorr occupied so he can work with his design partner, a Triceratops named Einer, in order to get things done. Einer prefers to give others the benefit of the doubt and prefers to see the benefits of having Zorr around, and tries to get along with all of the staff. Zorr's brother, Rozz, is never really far from Zorr's mind, and he looks to him as a sort of sounding board when he requires some inspiration, not that he can count on him for much. Rozz spends a lot of his time trying to get vodka, and the rest of the time drinking vodka. Zorr's only real friend is a laboratory rat named 101A, as they both know what it is like to be a subject of an experiment.

Down To Earth

Gavin Chafin and Steve Wood are the cartoonists who create Down to Earth. Down to Earth is a gag-a-day strip that follows the life of The Devil (nicknamed Lew) and his operation of hell. Lew runs hell much like a business, and has few equals, though even he tends to shun former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. Down to Earth has tortured souls that are trapped down in Hell, God, Death, and a bartender named Bernard whom everyone goes to talk to for advice. Down to Earth uses intellectual humor mixed in with some slapstick that reflects on topics such as current events or movies.


Joseph B. Elkouby is the cartoonist who creates D+Pad. D+Pad is a serial strip that follows the lives of the employees of a mall video game store called VGS. A recently promoted employee, Joe, manages VGS. Joe is an easy-going guy who only is working this job as a stepping-stone to better things, as he doesn't want to end up spending the rest of his life working there. The rest of Joe's staff, who he gets to contend with every day, usually doesn't make his job any easier. Andy, an avid Street fighter fan, only works at the store in order to help pay for his arcade cravings. He hates all of the customers with a passion, especially the ones who want him to calculate the tax for them. Rick is an excitable employee who absolutely loves his job, he sometimes goes into hyperactive fits when new games come in, games are talked about, or just about any time a customer talks about something remotely to do with the store. Finally, there is Olin, hired when Rick was on “medical leave” (see dead), is the hardest person in the world to rile up. Olin enjoys his job, so much so that he sometimes spends all night working. Although, Joe and Olin seem to have their ideas of what Olin's job is supposed to be, as Olin likes to think of his job as to keep everything from falling over by leaning on it. If the employees weren't enough, Joe has an endless stream of flabbergasting customers and a regional manager (the store's former manager, Sam) who brings unreasonable demands from the corporate office. Now the only question on Joe's mind is, how much more can he take?

Eat The Roses

Meaghan Quinn is the cartoonist who creates Eat the Roses. Eat the Roses is a serial strip that follows the lives of the agents of a secret spy organization called Nemesis. Gabriel Hardy, an FBI agent, left the FBI to form Nemesis, taking several agents with him. Gabriel doesn't seem the sort of person who'd be running a secret spy organization since he seems too nice of a guy. A little too nice it seems, when one of the good reasons for leaving the FBI was when his ex-girlfriend and reporter, Dorcas Nimrod would pump him for information on the media-worthy cases he was on. The spies that he requited from the FBI to form the core group of Nemesis is as follows: Sean, the aggressive self-centered sort, with his signature blue-grey hair; Kara Davies, a go-getter who was looking for more freedom and financial opportunities; Rishard Williams (nope, not a spelling error!) a good friend of Gabriel's, but tends to overstep his bounds of the boss-spy relationship when he good-naturedly bullies Gabe around; Rhea Davenport, a fashion-conscious girl who knows how talented she is, but is preoccupied with looking for her missing boyfriend Rael Wildeve; and the newest member, Melquiades Inish (Mel), a sassy woman who hesitantly is drawn toward Gabriel. They work with FBI director Matthew Phuket, to stop those who would try to take over the world or cause chaos. Their current assignment is to stop a woman named Jane Anthony from taking out the leaders of the United States and asserting her control over the world!

Electric Orange

Lazarus Ray Berry is the cartoonist who creates Electric Orange. Electric Orange was a semi-regular strip in the gag-a-day format (having no ongoing storyline, but keeping the same characters for the strip), that followed the lives of four roommates who are all at least a little bit odd. Zantar is a red-haired guy with yellow eyes, out of which he can shoot ray beams. Iak is an excellent guitarist/singer who would be very successful in the music business if he wasn't completely crazy. Iak likes to wear masks around the house and take his friends by surprise, usually by ambushing them in some way. Dan is a green-haired lad who loves to build and take apart mechanical objects in his spare time. If it's mechanical, Dan surely has taken it apart and rebuilt it in some unusual way. Sharon is the only female member of the group, and started out acting pretty normal. After hanging out with the others for a while, however, she has become almost as nutty as they are.

El Goonish Shive: Newspaper

Dan Shive is the cartoonist who creates El Goonish Shive: Newspaper. El Goonish Shive: Newspaper is a parallel serial strip that follows the lives of two best friends, Elliot and Tedd from El Goonish Shive. Tedd isn't your typical teenager, as looks are deceiving. Due to his feminine facial features, Tedd wears glasses at all times, to help better define his gender. Being an intellectual like his father, he is intensely curious with machines of all sorts. So you could imagine the types of things he could get his hands on since his father works for a branch of government that covers up paranormal events. Tedd particularly enjoys indulging his fetishes through a gun that can change a person's very gender or even species. Elliot, being an athletic, outgoing kind of guy, looks after Tedd as well as has become best friends. Compared to Tedd, Elliot is an ordinary guy. If the ordinary guy took anime martial arts classes, and had strange battle aura driven fighting powers. Elliot is used to strange things happening around Tedd, as is his girlfriend Sarah. Sarah is a strong-willed individual who enjoys action movies, art, and spending time with Elliot. She tends to avoid confrontations, even though Elliot seems to look for them. They have become good friends with Tedd's new houstguest, named Shade Tail, or preferably Grace. Grace used to be a lab experiment that was run by a secret group trying to make super soldiers. The idea was to be able to make people able to shape-shift into hybridized animal/human forms to increase battle prowess. Once one experiment decimated the lab, Grace ran off on her own, and eventually to Tedd's father. Now hiding out from her fellow experiments, she has time to learn about the world around her and focus her affections on Tedd, much to his enjoyment.


Farah is the cartoonist who creates Eternity. Eternity is a serial strip that follows the life of a talk-radio relationship psychologist named Flora Kane. Flora's mother was a counselor for the Floral House Counseling Center. There she met Daniel Blake, the son of a grieving client, Naoko Blake. After watching her mother help Mrs. Blake, Flora knew that she wanted to help other people, if only to get them to smile again. Sixteen years later, Flora has accomplished her dream, and works at Eternity Radio as a host of a call-in advice radio show. Flora is a warm, outgoing person, who enjoys her work immensely, but some of her zeal seems to stem from a small neurotic tendency to have people like her. Such as when she encounters the new technical engineer, Daniel Blake (the same person from her childhood, but she hadn't made the connection at the time), and finds that he harbors an intense dislike towards her. Confused, she spends a lot of her free time mulling over why he would be so upset with her. She finds that Daniel is the silent type, quietly working on his job, and remaining focused at the task at hand. With her further attempts to gain more information or to cheer him up fail, she confronts him upon the subject. After realizing who he is, she finds out that Daniel has lost his memories of his childhood, and as such has lost his memories of her. Further intrigued, she now has two mysteries to solve: why he doesn't like her, and what happened to make him lose his memories.

Fever Dream

Poinko is the cartoonist who creates Fever Dream. Fever Dream is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities) strip in the gag-a-day format (having no ongoing storyline, but keeping the same characters for the strip), following the lives of several animals. Typically the main characters are a variety of different colored lizards, but from time to time, two dogs are also featured. Fever Dream focuses on video game, internet, and even computer humor at the expense of the lizards.
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