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Citizen Dog

Mark O'Hare is the cartoonist who created Citizen Dog. Citizen Dog was a daily anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that followed the life of a dog owner named Mel, and his erstwhile companion, a dog named Fergus. Mel and Fergus lived alone in Mel's house, living out their life with contentment. Fergus would follow a young girl named Maggie, to school every day, as part of his doggie duties. Fergus would verbally spar with a cat named cuddles and generally try to show Cuddles up every chance that he could, to prove that dogs are superior to cats. Citizen dog follows a wide variety of story arcs, ranging from Mel dealing with amphibious fish, to Fergus going to a human school, to even Fergus reuniting Mel with a former sweetheart.

Construction Paper Angst

Topher McCulloch is the cartoonist who creates Construction Paper Angst. Construction Paper Angst is a serial strip that follows the life of Topher McCulloch, except set in an alternate world than our own. Topher aka Myrth, is a typical teen, working his way through the blur of emotions, school, responsibilities, and restrictions that is teenage life. Topher's friends have deemed Topher the king of Angst. They would prefer that he have a better outlook, or at least stop being so melodramatic about his angst. Sonya is one of those people. Sonya originally from Iran, moved to the United States with her family to take advantage of the new life and experiences here in America. Sonya has taken to music and loves many different bands, but puts Weezer up at the top five of her list. Sonya has a few minor quirks, which helps to make her unique, one of which is her quote “Do you like Weezer?”. Topher enjoys saying the quote over and over again, and even has Sonya say it from time to time, but after saying the quote one too many times, Sonya finally had enough and now attacks anyone who says her quote. Fortunately Sonya can easily be distracted with shiny objects, which enables Topher (or anyone else for that matter) to get away.

Cool Cat Studio

Giséle Lagacé and T Campbell are the cartoonists who create Cool Cat Studio. Cool Cat Studio is a serial comic strip that follows the lives of the employees of a graphic design studio called Cool Cat Studio. The staff of Cool Cat Studio are as follows: Belinda Finlay, the co-owner and graphic artist; Jeremy Lawson, co-owner and computer tech; Liz (Elizabeth) Adams, a graphic artist and singer; Sophia Busby, the office manager; and Michael Wallace the newest graphic designer who is learning the trade. The comic itself deals with topics ranging from kidnapping to being manipulated by a creature only found in ancient myths.

C.Ulture Shocked

Selena Elizabeth Ulrich and Jo Wilson are the cartoonists that create C.Ulture Shocked. C.Ulture Shocked is a serial strip that follows the life of a young English woman named Caroline Ulture. Caroline moves to America to make a life for herself, and finds it to be everything that mass media's concept of reality told her it would be. She lives in a world where her clichés are everywhere and she applies them to everyone she meets. So, in her perception anyways, America was just like mass media in Britain led her to believe. Once she finds a place to live and after an exhaustive job search, she goes to work for Soulless Megacorp as a computer programmer. The only problem with her job is that she doesn't know how to program computers in the computer languages they need! That's not her only problems however, they range from a monster living in her fridge, to a lustful coworker's constant attentions, to even a serial killer murdering victims in her own apartment complex!

Dakota's Ridge

Angie McClelland is the cartoonist who creates Dakota's Ridge. Dakota's Ridge is a partially anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), weekday serial comic strip that follows the life of a young gray wolf named Rocky. Rocky is injured one day while going with his pack and family, when he is exiled for being injured, then is rescued by some people who run the animal sanctuary named Dakota's Ridge. Rocky quickly meets all of the other animals whom happily live in the protected area, finding safety and food there. Rocky has his share of problems as well, from a hyperactive squirrel named Brem, to a hunter named Austin who kills wolves.


Matt Bourque is the cartoonist who created Delinquents. Delinquents was a serial strip that followed the life of Wes McGrath. Wes is in his early twenties and is a guitarist and lead singer of his band, STD. Wes lives in an apartment complex with his two roommates, Gerry and Darren. Wes usually adopts a sarcastic attitude with most people, giving that cool aloofness that many people enjoy, but toward those close to him, he is quite friendly. By standing back a little, socially, he has a perspective on people's problems, and ends up helping out his friends, even if it gets him in trouble. He tends to be at odds with his boss, Lloyd Girly, and more recently, his ex-girlfriend, Katrina Davis. When not practicing with his band, working at the Cheap-Mart, or hanging out with his friends, Wes is usually with his girlfriend, Kelly Simmons. Kelly is a little slow at times, but she means well and has a bubbly, cheerful attitude about everything.

Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite

Al MacDonald is the cartoonist who creates Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite. Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite is a strip in the gag-a-day format (having no ongoing storyline, but keeping the same characters for the strip) that parodies Star Wars. Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite bounces around the series, adding characters like: Cliff, a young nerfherder, learns of his destiny to be a Jedi; Oobi-Doo, a Jedi master in some strips and in others a padawan; Dark Dingus, Cliff's father, and dark Jedi; the emperor, the leader of the Imperials and a dark Jedi master; Darth Gnaw, the Emperor's first apprentice who was killed by Oobi-Doo; WD-40 a astromech droid; Hal, a scoundrel with a heart of gold; Yogi, a Jedi master and former head of the Jedi council; the Princess Yoohoo, an ambassador to her people, who resists the Emperor and her attraction to Hal; Burgga the King, a hutt who takes after Elvis; and many more!

Dice The Cat

Betsy Louise Allen is the artist who creates Dice the Cat. Dice the Cat is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), weekly strip that focuses on the life of a not-so-ordinary housecat named Dice. Dice is a gray housecat who enjoys the company of her owner, Betsy Wintergreen. Dice is a friendly, outgoing cat, which loves laps, and does all she can to find a nice warm lap to sit on. Dice is also secretly a super hero named Super Dice, who fights criminals, such ranging from a mad scientist named Dr. Peabody, to a cat turned super villian named Tareese. Fortunately, Dice gets a chance to relax with her sisters Stinky and Pastel, while they amuse themselves watching the antics of their friend and Betsy's other cat, Fanbelt.

Dragonball XP

Clarence D Cuasay is the cartoonist that creates Dragonball XP. Dragonball XP is a serial strip that is created with a different writer coming up with the story for that day, each time the strip updates. Currently Dragonball XP follows the life of Goku, a member of a human-like race named Saiyans. Goku has to deal with a shape changer named Kuree, who is running from two unknown individuals named Chiri and Doma who want a mysterious item that Kuree has. What will happen to Goku and Kuree? What is this mysterious item? Well, the best part of Dragonball XP is that you can decide it yourself by writing a script for the next update's strip. The storyline is decided by the readers, of course Clarence has final decision on who's script to use next, but all are written by readers, save the first one that got the whole thing started.

Dr. Lobster

Jeff Lofvers and Michael Buonauro are the cartoonists that create Dr. Lobster. Dr. Lobster is a gag-a-day strip that follows the quips of two characters named Jeff and Michael. Dr. Lobster has had many different names in the past. It started with Dr. Lobster & Steve, which was changed to Dr. Lobster (Steve Died), then moved to Lobster Sweeties, and now finally to Dr. Lobster & Steve Hate you. One key premise about Dr. Lobster is that most of the jokes are for the cartoonist's benefit and they have played numerous jokes on the readers in the past. They pretended to sell their comic, then made a new one while making up the person who supposedly bought the comic. So the whole time they were laughing at the readers for believing the joke, but found that it was even more amusing when the readers started laughing along with them. Who knows what next they have in store for the readers, but they will probably enjoy themselves.

Elf Madness

Rachel Sreebny is the cartoonist who creates Elf Madness. Elf Madness is a serial strip that follows the lives of a group of elven friends. Being traditional elves, they are less than a foot tall, and have their own culture right under most human's noses. Rea Serenby, a film major at Elven University, is an outgoing, but zany individual. Noted for outbursts of strange things, or the donning of black robes to become a ninja, are commonplace for her. Behn Wormy, a film major, is a very outgoing kind of guy who believes that he is a drop dead sexy guy. While he can seem to get women to fawn over him from time to time, he never really has had a lasting relationship, at least until a fellow student, Mino Ritee expressed her interest in him. Mino, a sociology major, is very studious, spending much of her available free time working on getting better grades. Tyrstin Paees, an animation major, enjoys being the center of attention, but has difficulty deciding on what she wants. Usually, she'll just end up hanging out with Seth and enjoy some sweet treats while watching movies, snubbing their noses at society. Seth Wihte doesn't even go to Elven University, but he works there as a nude model for the art classes. He recently accidentally straightened out a misconception that surrounded him that he was gay by unintentionally dating Shara, but was in the dark about the relationship due to his usual clueless (naïve perhaps?) nature. Sarah Pinnskay, a graphic design major, tends to be the most pessimistic of the bunch, but usually is the one everyone turns to for advice. She's glad to tell everyone in frank terms how they could solve their respective problems. Now they face more classes, returning as sophomores in Elven Univerity, as well as housing issues, now that they have moved out of the dorms.


Tim Fries is the cartoonist who creates EverCrest. EverCrest is a serial strip that follows the online adventures of a medium leveled mage named Drysart. Drysart plays a satirized version of a popular online role-playing game called EverQuest. He is of the trusting sort, and has little experience with women, and several other players and computer-driven characters take advantage of this flaw. Now, Drysart is an easygoing kind of guy, except when a new player named Galliwyn is concerned. Galliwyn plays a dwarven fighter, and always makes demands of everyone he meets, and if they end up tricking him to his doom, he plots revenge. Fortunately for Drysart and anyone else in the game, Galliwyn is easy to trick, and is not that powerful in the game because he is constantly dying. Drysart usually spends his time with Mystiana, a fighter who spends most of her time trying to raise her drinking skill than going around adventuring. They sometimes go on quests to increase levels, skills, and get interesting magic items, but usually they are thwarted by changes to the game itself. Aradune is one of the lead moderators for the game, as well as a program designer, and there is nothing he likes better than toning down player's abilities (also known as nerfing). He does this because he enjoys the player's reactions, but also because he constantly wades through a barrage of inane requests and complaints. Despite getting the short end of the stick most of the time, Drysart does usually end out ahead in the end, much to Galliwyn's annoyance.

Exploitation Now

Michael Poe is the cartoonist that creates Exploitation Now. Exploitation Now is a serial strip that follows the lives of the lives of Bimbo Moneymaker, Ralph Givememore, and Jordan Kennedy. Bimbo and Ralph end up renting an apartment from the sixteen-year-old super-genius/landlady, Jordan. They've had to find a new place now that Jordan blew up the apartment building due to running from the FBI. Exploitation Now deals with a variety of topics ranging from shootouts with FBI agents, to a relationship-seeking immortal assassin, to paying the rent by making porn.


T Campbell is the cartoonist who creates Fans!. Fans! is a serial strip that follows the lives of the members of a science fiction club. Normally, a science fiction club ends up viewing sci-fi movies, role-plays, goes to sci-fi events, and other things along those lines. This science fiction club, however, is quite different. The sci-fi club is as follows: Rikk, the president of the club and all-around good guy; Alisin, Rikk's commonwealth wife; Rumy, a aspiring manga artist who has a crush on Rikk; Will, an excellent actor and costumer; Katherine, the club's ex-president turned secretary-treasurer; Tim, a hacker who enjoys trading quips with the other members; Shanna, a reporter who represses her fan side; Jackie, a recent addition who hails from Britain; Meighan, a lesbian who is seeking a partner; Tim the fanboy, a fan who witnessed the sci-fi club's first strange outing and has been following them fanatically ever since; Harry, a war veteran who joined to get a first edition book, but now is forced to stay for a year in order to get it; Guthrie, a incredibly smart guy who is very analytical; and Stu, a somewhat sleazy guy who might not end up being in the club much longer. Aside from doing the normal things that an average science fiction club does, they also get involved with many things ranging from a secret government organization taking interest in the group, to aliens invading the earth, to a real superhero roaming the country.

Fat Jesus

Mike Leffel is the cartoonist who creates Fat Jesus. Fat Jesus is a serial strip that follows the life of Baby J, the Fat Jesus. Baby J was created by a group of scientists who were trying to create a clone of Jesus Christ, in order to appease the religious groups, and to get them to help revitalize the scientific community at large. Due to some errors in the cloning process, an imperfect clone was created. Aside from being obese, there were memory errors, personality conflicts, and problems controlling his power. The backers of the scientists decided they need to scrap the current clone and try again. However, due to a rebellion from some of the scientists, Baby J escaped the Antarctic lab. After drifting from place to place, he settled down in the town of Waterloo Falls, USA. He tries to contact God through prayer, and is surprised to find that God doesn't immediately answer him. So, on his own, Baby J knows that he should help people, and tries, but sometimes his miracles tend to go awry. He has good intentions, but his lack of practice, memory holes, and flawed design are all factors in the wayward miracles. One such aspect, a fact that brings him much sadness, is that he cannot bring people back from the dead. Even if sometimes he accidentally creates 200-foot tall golden reindeer that shoot lasers out of their eyes (or similar odd effects), he still manages to help people. Fortunately for him, these events are played down through the secret machinations of N.O.S.I.R.E.E., a secret organization that is tracking Baby J's movements. Through helping people donate their time to disaster relief work for the New York Trade Center Bombing, he finds out more about a seemingly generous businessman named Rex A Mabus. Mabus, as he is typically called, is a recent multi-millionaire who seeks to be recognized by the community for his good deeds. His assistant, Mary Lamash, helps him keep his current empire afloat, since Mabus tends to go off on tangents, expecting someone to destroy all he has worked towards. As it turns out, Mary is really a demon in mortal disguise, and Mabus is the third antichrist! Baby J ends up stumbling into the operation, and has to fight in order to preserve the world he loves. Now Baby J has to figure out what Mabus's plans are, and how to stop him, since it seems that his powers alone can't stop Mabus or Mary, and to avoid the scientists who created him from recapturing him.

Fred The Bird

Rick Blum is the cartoonist who creates Fred the Bird. Fred the Bird is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a bird named Fred. Fred works as a company website editor with his roommate, a frog named Floyd. When not dodging their boss's ineptitude, Fred and Floyd like to hang out, meet women, or play some basketball. Fred isn't too lucky with women, and he is horrible at basketball. At least he can have fun from time to time.

Fusion D

Robbie "Yamcha Hibiki" Allen is the cartoonist who creates Fusion D. Fusion D is an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a genetically engineered cat girl named Fusion D. Fusion was originally created by Professor D to fall into one (or more) of three criteria: 1.) To be a genius; 2.) To become a sex slave for the Professor; 3.) To become an ultimate killing machine. Needless to say, this wasn't what was told to Fusion. After having to kill her father, or be killed for being a “failure”, she became despondent and distanced herself emotionally from everyone. In fact, due to the trials of her existence, she has decided that everyone on the planet should be killed, and she is the one to do it! Now, all she needs is either a big enough bomb to blow everyone up, or to be able to kill each person off personally.

Game Marks

OSX is the cartoonist who creates Game Marks. Game Marks is a gag-a-day strip that follows the lives of some avid video game fans. They are as follows: Gibson, a all-around gamer, who loves to watch wrestling; David, a PC gamer who likes to slam various companies and who takes joy when a console game isn't as good as the reviews; Kirby, a avid Nintendo fan who believes that no other system compares with a Nintendo made one; and Miranda, an attractive woman, who is not much of a gamer, but likes simple games. Game Marks focuses on topics ranging from video games, to movies, to even the state of the gaming industry.

Ghost Cat

Clay and Hampton Yount are the cartoonists who create Ghost Cat. Ghost Cat is a serial strip that follows the lives of three roommates. Having finally grown sick of their former apartment, Valerie, Gregory, and Norman answer a rental ad in the paper. Not believing their luck at finding such a good house on the market for a cheap price, Gregory and Norman reluctantly follow Valerie around as they tour the house. Valerie McFluffypants (her last name, as we later discover), or Val for short, is an aggressive woman who is confident in her decisions. She does tend to control the lives of Greg and Norm to some extent, but she only does it when she feels that it's “for their own good”. Gregory (last name unknown) is mildly pessimistic, and fosters an inventive streak that tends to get him in trouble at his places of employment. He enjoys tweaking with things in order to see what he can get them to do, much to his employer's distain and Norm's glee. Norm is a laid back sort of guy, almost to the point of laziness. He has an oddity to him that makes him go off on different tangents and wandering into trouble; usually dragging the others and Greg's inventions off with him! When the trio discovers from Mr. Shingles, an eccentric landowner with a hook for his left hand, that the house is haunted by a small ghost of a cat, they feel that they can put up with a little light haunting. Fortunately for them the ghost (aptly named Ghost Cat) turns out to be nothing like the homicidal monster that Mr. Shingles described, to the point of even being helpful to have around, ends up swaying even Norm to stay. Slowly, the trio starts to learn that this particular house is a nexus for strange activities, with the landowner and Ghost Cat being just the tip of the iceberg.

Grave River High

The comic artists known as Q and Neo Fox are the creators of Grave River High. Grave River High is a serial strip that follows the lives of a group of students at Grave River High. The students are as follows: Horny (yes, that's his name folks!) is a unicorn who takes on human form with only his ears, horn, and tail giving him away that he is not completely human. Horny is quick with the sarcastic comment and tries to stay aloof over most people, to retain his cool status, but at times displays a hidden sensitive side. Syrin is a siren (a creature from mythology who's beautiful figure and voices would lure sailors to their doom) who tends to be bookish, keeping wrapped up in her studies, but tends to come out of her shell when Horny is around. She likes Horny and has been trying to figure out a way to let him know, but for the most part, he is pretty clueless about the whole thing. Crussifix is a fallen angel who doesn't know who he is, let alone his past. He is named after the first thing he saw when he woke up while floating down the Grave River (after which the town is appropriately named). Crussifix usually dresses in black and has black angel wings that can only be seen by true believers or other supernatural creatures. He tends to go around in chibi form (chibi means small, and it's a tiny but obnoxiously cute form) popping around and saying various sarcastic remarks. Finally, there is Hecate Lycant, a vampire/werewolf crossbreed from Britian, who is sort of new to Grave River, but fits right in with the other students. She, like Horny and Crussifix, tends to carry an attitude, but it is severely reduced when she is with Crussifix. She currently likes him, and he unconsciously returns that affection, but hasn't said it out loud, or even admitted it to himself. So aside from all of that, they have all sorts of things to deal with ranging from gift giving, to attempts at starting up relationships, to dealing with the fairy principal's nazi-like rule of the school.
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