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Mason Williams (otherwise known as Tailsteak) is the cartoonist who creates 1/0. 1/0 is a serial strip that follows the lives of the denizens of the comic. They are self-aware of their situation, knowing that Tailsteak created them and the comic from nothing, and as the creator/cartoonist, he has the power to be omnipresent. Each of the characters has their own personality, but they derive that personality from Tailsteak himself, as he writes their dialogue, but the thoughts and decisions are their own. Tailsteak draws each of them, and when they aren't focused, they technically don't exist, but can still do things off panel. Originally, the main character was a man by the name of Barnacle Jones, a character from the comic, Absolute Tripe. Through the process of losing characters to battles with other webcomics, losing characters through thought bubbles, and the creation and destruction of other characters, the cast has settled to as follows: Junior, a former living eye with fangs, now a ghost with telekinetic abilities; Ghanny, a former living molecule, also a ghost; Mock, formerly a golem that thought he was Tailsteak, now a shapeshifting ghost; Zadok, a woven golem made from native grass; the running gag, the actual word gag that runs around shouting catchphrases; Marcus, a living molecule; Terra, formerly a bear's tapeworm, now an anthropomorphic (animals that are attributed human-like qualities) earthworm; and finally, Petitus, a golem created from mud and rocks. The group currently knows that Tailsteak will finish the strip at the 1000 mark, which leaves them with less than 50 to go. This raises the problem of deciding what to do with their time left, and the question of what happens to them when the strip is over.

11 Will Die

Chris Farrington is the cartoonist who creates 11 Will Die. 11 Will Die is an anthropomorphic (animals who take on human-like qualities), serial strip that follows the life of a barbarian dustdragon named Jith-Rith-Ng. 11 Will Die also followed the idea of having a cast of characters go through a plot, where the audience would make votes each week to see which one of the characters they wanted to vote (kill) off. Jith is an inquisitive individual and a studious student, following the teachings of his master, a horned lion named Cl'th'Roth (the cl' th' is pronounced with clicking sounds). Jith can be impulsive and brash at times, but fortunately, Cl’th’Roth is there to help balance him out, and to remind him of his teachings. Cl’th’Roth is a spear master who has been rasing Jith ever since he was a very young child (he still is one), and is teaching him his ways of discipline in order to help instill proper values and morals in Jith. While he is still in training, Jith receives word from a talking taco, that only he can destroy the Crown of Nexino. Following the Taco’s advice, Jith and Cl’th’Roth embark on a journey to find out more about this crown. Little do Jith and Cl’th’Roth know, but they aren’t the only ones who are seeking out Nexino’s Crown. In a land fraught with danger and uncertainty, Jith must find the strength to become the warrior he strives for, and to resist the darker side of his nature that lurks just beneath the surface.


Chris Ward and Stephanie Burrows are the cartoonists who create 24fps. 24fps is a serial strip that follows the lives of two roommates, Jack and Matt. Jack is the resident film critic for the magazine “Stage & Screen” and absolutely loves his work. He constantly goes to various movies, seeking out their visual splendor, and then frankly stating his opinion to his reading audience. His favorite time of year is the Denver International Film Festival, where he spends eleven straight days watching movies and conducting interviews in a state of bliss, as he views the bulk of the movies being untainted from most of mainstream Hollywood. On the other hand, the Oscars are usually the cause of Jack’s bitterness for the year, as his opinions usually differ from the choices of winners. Despite this, Jack maintains a childlike innocence each time he sits down in front of a movie, usually dragging Matt or Lisa along with him. Matt is laid back, enjoying where life takes him, and enjoys watching a lot of porn along the way. Lisa, a fine arts major in the local college, is the whimsical sort, full of creativity and imagination. Recently, Jack’s sister Mary moved to the area in order to start college. She and Matt hit it off almost immediately, and this inevitably creates some mild tension between Jack and Matt, since Jack has known him for so long can see all of his faults. Fortunately, being friends for so long, they can work out their differences, and then everything goes back to the status quo, with just a few minor changes.

Acid Reflux

Emily Bingham and Daniel Panamaoff are the cartoonists who create Acid Reflux. Acid Reflux is a serial strip that follows the life of a struggling god named God. God takes the form of a little girl, and from time to time she acts like one, which may indeed be the case since she turned five millennia old. God was granted a hand-me-down universe named Irving as her coming of age gift from her parents. Her sister, The Goddess, formerly owned Irving, but got rid of him when he got “icky”. Now God has to enter Irving and search it for the manual that her sister tossed inside in a fit of anger. God meets up with two adventurers named Anathus and Roxy. After befriending them, they joined God on a pay-by-job contract and along the way picked up God's first convert and high priestess, Manami. Now God has to finish finding all of the pages of the manual, convince the people of the realm that she is the new God o the realm, and kick out all of the godlings (a form of parasitic god-like being) that are infesting her universe.
Status - Comic Ended, Archives Vanished

Action Daxtion

Comic Status - Site Exists (click the link above), however the archives are here.


Mark Shallow is the cartoonist who creates Adventurers!. Adventurers! is a serial strip that follows the lives of two "typical" role-playing game characters, Karn and Ardam. Karn is the typical fighter of the group, in order to balance his physical prowess, his intellect leaves much to be desired. Karn enjoys going with the plot of the game and takes no notice of most of the oddities that exists in his world. Ardam is the mage of the group and with his spells, he can be quite a formidable foe in battle, however his physical skills are minimal. Ardam questions most things about the world, not being content with his current standing in life. Ardam tries to keep Karn from blindly going off on some quest, but cannot help and tag along, if only to keep him out of trouble, and perhaps because a little part of him wants to go along as well. Ardam and Karn fight many foes in their journeys, ranging from cute fluffy bunnies, to evil animated pants, to even a plethora of bosses. Fortunately, Ardam and Karn are not alone in their endeavors as they have their own party of friends to go along with them and help them battle the forces against them.

Angst Technology

Barry T. Smith is the cartoonist who creates Angst Technology. Angst Technology is a daily serial strip that follows the lives of the employees of a computer game company of the same name. The employees of Angst Technology have to deal with their varying interests and ideas on what a good game should be, that is why it takes them so long to come out with a game! Angst Technology uses humor from various sources, but mainly draws from Internet to video game humor. Using interesting characters like a contingent of I.T. ninjas to a web monkey who really is a monkey!
Aren't We Real
Case Yorke is the cartoonist who creates Aren't We Real. Aren't We Real is a serial strip that follows the life of an insecure young man named Petey Real. Petey is shy and introverted, since he does not have very pleasant experiences when he was social and also due to the fact that his mother is overprotective of him. From being sheltered from a lot of the harshness of life by his mother, Petey was unprepared for later social interactions and now has a lot of trouble even speaking to a woman, let alone finding someone to date.

Asylum On 5th Street

Jin Wicked & Cory!! Strode are the cartoonists who create Asylum on 5th Street. Asylum on 5th Street is a serial strip that follows the life of Dean Bryant, an aspiring radio personality. Dean is the type of person who focuses a little bit more on his fantasies rather than reality, because he is afraid of being denied his desires (be they work-related or personal). After graduating from college, he moved into a former asylum that was turned into a small apartment complex, and acquires a job he hates at a local republican-backed radio station. He finds that the other people who populate the apartment are a little strange, and it is almost too much for him to bear, save for when he meets the new tenant, Amelia Dickens. Amelia is a struggling actress looking for that one big break where she can show her acting skills to their fullest extent and not have to rely on her looks as the sole determiner for what jobs she gets. Unfortunately for Dean, Amelia is already attached, and Dean can only watch from afar. Dean usually confides in Bennett, a technical genius and computer guru of the apartment. While he can wire up the apartment for virtual reality, there is only so much he can do to help Dean’s romantic troubles, after all, he has to deal with the apartment’s resident evil genius, Raven Lunatique. Raven seeks to become powerful enough to control the dark arts and eventually the world itself. He could potentially do such, if Jin (representative artist character who lives in the basement) and Cory (representative writer character who lives in the attic and is a speaking monkey) didn’t thwart his schemes time and time again.

Bad Boys Of Computer Science

Nick Yu is the cartoonist who creates BBoCS: Bad Boys of Computer Science. BBoCS is a mix between a serial strip and a gag-a-day strip. It has the continuity found in most serial strips, but usually has the one-shots found in gag-a-day strips. BBoCS follows the lives of seven college students as they brave the college world of computer sciences. Dealing with topics from schoolwork to current events, BBoCS goes from slapstick humor to intellectual humor in a moment's notice.

Basil Flint: Private Investigator

John Troutman is the cartoonist who creates Basil Flint: Private Investigator. Basil Flint: Private Investigator is a daily serial strip that follows the life of (you guessed it) a private eye named Basil Flint. Basil is a gruff but wisecracking individual, having gone through some rough spots in life, who jut wants to end up forgetting some of the unpleasantness and strange events that has to him (like meeting a certain spork-headed crime-fighter? See The Sporkman Chronicles for more details). After meeting a young woman named Amanda his life started to turn around some, since she was somewhat forcing him to interact with society. In return, she hopes that the detective life would be more exciting than what she was previously used to but without all of the strangeness.


A comic artist nicknamed Strangefour is the cartoonist who creates Beta, the Strip. Beta has evolved from a gag-a-week strip to a serial strip that follows the lives of the staff of Desktop Deamons, a video game company. The staff of the company is as follows: Kassandra DeMonte is the executive director; Niriko Modville, the character editor; Vey Getzolski, the creative director; Ken Maxwell, the lead programmer; Nigel Bounce, a computer programmer; Marylyn Demeter, musical director; Sid, a computer programmer; and Niriko's cousin (who's name they forgot), who is an intern. Aside from the actual staff, Beta features some amusing characters like a living G-cube called Tofu, an attractive vixen named Persephone Goethe (ME-OW! ;) ) nicknamed Kore, and The Jersey Devil. Beta follows topics ranging from computers, to video games, to even relationships.

Blade Of Destiny

Nick Yu is the cartoonist who creates Blade of Destiny. Blade of Destiny is a serial comic that that follows the life of Xiao Fei and her struggles in pseudo-historical medieval China. Xiao Fei, an orphan at a young age, seeks to find her place in the harsh world of medieval China. Moving from town to town like a vagabond, she seeks her destiny as she struggles to survive. She meets up with an assassin named Ting Xiang and a martial arts master named Wu Kung. Together the three of them journey to Chengdu in order to seek their destiny.

Blood Lark

Eight is the cartoonist who creates Blood Lark. Blood Lark is a serial strip that follows the life of a young girl named Straye. Straye was just a no-named girl living a simple life with her father, until one day he exclaimed that she had to go on a quest. Her father, being quite confused, has always viewed Straye as his son, and thus wants him to go out and achieve manhood, so he concocted his quest idea to get Straye started. Equipped with some supplies, pots and pans as armor, and her father's sword that she can barely life, Straye sets off into the unknown. Along the way, after killing a dag (a kind of wild dragon), she meets a little dag called The Dagon. The Dagon proves to not be very bright, but very strong when it flies off with the head of the dag Straye killed. Continuing along Straye finds that her sword is magical, reacting to anyone who attacks her, the sword severs the head of any opponent. One such opponent, an arrogant human named Tavarus, begs for his life and is spared. Straye manages to get him to join her group (thus having two members and officially being a party of adventurers) and continue onto town. At the town Straye finds that a lich sorceress named Llan is plaguing the village. Llan has taken the men and converted them into her undead army. Straye manages to kill Llan's lieutenant, Korgth, but finds out that he is immortal due to Llan's powers. Now she has to train and gain enough knowledge and skill to defeat Llan and save the town. Fortunately, she now has the help of two elves in her cause. Perhaps it will be enough for her to be able to win.


John Allison is the cartoonist who creates Bobbins. Bobbins is a weekday serial comic strip that is set in Britain, in a listings magazine called City Limit in the city of Takleford. Bobbins primarily follows the lives of Tim Jones, Shelly Winters, Fallon Young, and Rich Tweedy. With characters like Tim's creation, Unit Daisy, to former City Limit editor Len Pickering and his obsession with Drew Barrymore, the staff of City Limit have a lot of excitement in their lives. Bobbins centers around British flavored intellectual humor, mixed in with slapstick, yet covers topics from relationships to the world of international spies.

Bruno Baldwin

Christopher Baldwin is the cartoonist who creates Bruno Baldwin. Bruno Baldwin is a serial strip that follows the life of a young woman named Bruno. Bruno is intelligent, perceptive, and enjoys philosophizing about life and its various meanings. She spends a lot of her time agonizing over her life and her decisions. Unfortunately, this slightly distances herself from her friends, but also brings them closer to her, as they want to try and help her out. This kind of relationship can be chafing, and Bruno’s insecurities about her happiness can make it harder for her to have a lasting relationship. Fortunately, she does have days where she feels better, and can be very sociable. This suggests that she suffers from depression, but doesn’t prefer to medicate herself, but to battle it on her own terms. This strategy might have failed long ago, if it wasn’t for her network of close friends. Such as her former lover Stanley, a reclusive writer whom she looks up to, as he helped inspire her to finally finish the book she was agonizing over writing. She finds solace in him and sometimes feels the need to seek him out, but realizes that due to her nature of hurting herself emotionally, ends up reflecting onto him as he knows he can’t do anything for her. So Bruno drifts from place to place, sometimes crashing at her friend’s place, and at other times at a complete stranger’s while she searches for that ever elusive thing that she feels she is lacking.

Buster Wilde

Scot Zellman is the cartoonist who creates Buster Wilde. Buster Wilde is a serial strip that follows the life of an office supply manager named Bernard Wilde. Bernard is a balding, middle-aged man who tends to be a workaholic, and it's his tendencies to work for long periods of time that caused his marriage to collapse. Bernard has another problem, however. It seems that every night, Bernard changes into a werewolf, not remembering the night before, or even that he is a werewolf, he wakes up in odd places, wondering how he got there. When he starts waking up in strange guy's beds, that's when he starts getting paranoid. Bernard is heterosexual, but his werewolf form (named Buster), Bernard, is openly gay, and there is nothing he likes better than hitting the clubs and partying. Bernard has to work with the issues of being a werewolf and denies the idea that he might be gay, so he usually just storms off muttering to himself. Buster doesn't have the usual murderous rages that plague the typical mythic werewolves. In fact, he is not bound by the lunar cycles, changing each night into a werewolf! Buster's friends feel that perhaps this because Bernard is denying a fundamental part of himself, this is probably why Buster is so rambunctious and ends up wanting to drink in everything that life has to offer. Now if only they can convince Bernard of that!

Buttlord GT

Andy Helms and Nathan Avery are the cartoonists who create Buttlord GT. Buttlord GT is a serial strip that parodies a famous anime (Japanese animation) called Dragonball Z. Buttlord GT follows a Gayan (a race of ridiculously eccentric butt pirates from the planet Cornhole) named Buttlord (or Kevin, if you prefer his Gayan name), and his friend's struggles against the evil Snowflake. Buttlord's friends are: Mr. Huge, a powerful human who had fought against Buttlord before, only to join in their cause as it suits him; Glute, Buttlord's son who's a half-Gayan/half-human hybrid; Takashi, a regular human who's power level is far below everyone else's, but he makes up for that with his displays of homosexuality and his quasi-loyalty to Brad; Brad, an alien who died in a previous encounter, only to be brought back through the power of the Nadballs; Screw, an alien who tries to guard the Nadballs, but ends up joining with Brad in order to attempt to defeat Snowflake; King Pie, Buttlord's trainer and a guardian of the other realm. Buttlord hopes that he can defeat Snowflake before he uses the Nadballs to conquer the universe, but only if his friends are half-dead, and only if he can give his enemy plenty of chances to change his ways, despite Glute's protests. Now, only time will tell if Buttlord can triumph over Snowflake, and to see if the universe can once again be saved.

Henry Chiu is the cartoonist who creates Chiga and Kaput. Chiga and Kaput is a serial strip that follows the lives of a elven sorceress named Chiga, and a dragon named Kaput. Chiga and Kaput are known throughout the land as legendary figures, having fought with Pali of Heg to protect the struggling city of Heg. Pali, Chiga, and Kaput have to fend off vicious Rockjaws, wizards, and even zealous knights. Through their struggles, they enabled the city of Heg to become the kingdom of Paledonia. Through teachers, such as instructor Faedris, the people of Paledonia can explain to the youth of their kingdom how their kingdom was created. This is the story of Chiga and Kaput.
The Circle Weave
Indigo Kelleigh is the cartoonist who creates The Circle Weave. The Circle Weave is a serial strip that follows the life of a young soldier named Rowan. Rowan was born in the town of Maplehead, in the Province of Nown, and grew up to become a rider and guardsman for the town. Like many men his age, Rowan has a limited amount of patience, seeking action and glory, in order to prove himself a real man, and become a hero. Unfortunately, he was selected as the messenger for the king (as he is the swiftest rider) when Maplehead is attacked by an enchanted and seemingly unstoppable army known as The Carrion Knights. Rowan has been slowly drawn up into a series of events that was selected for him before he was born, as a dormant power lies within him that he is only slowly beginning to realize that it exists. Due to these events, Rowan wanders confused, trying to warn people as he continues towards the capital city, atop his faithful steed and constant companion, a Wolla named Springheels. Wollas are intelligent beasts of burden that are similar to a cross-breed between a horse and a large lizard. Springheels eagerly tries to please her friend, Rowan, with whom she has been able to communicate with, due to Rowan's strange ability to talk to the animal. Along the way he meets the sage Morrim, a recluse and powerful wizard, who accompanies Rowan due to the fact that he can see great potential in the boy. Morrim is far more powerful than most people believe, and seeks to help Rowan unlock his potential, but by guiding him without his knowledge.
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